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E3 2018 Wishlist


Last year I wrote a blog describing the things that I expected and wished to see at E3 2017. I wanted to do another for this year. However, I am going to skip the expectations. This is going to be purely a wishlist. Some of these are wildly improbably, some may be impossible. I have steered clear of as many rumors and leaks as possible. So I may list something that has already been confirmed to be or not be at E3. Forgive me for this. Again, it's just a wishlist.

I'll run through the list of major conferences and sort my wishes this way.

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I want a remastered collection of the first few SSX games. I want it on PS4 and/or Switch. I also want a new SSX announced. 

I want the Mass Effect Trilogy to be announced for Switch (featuring all DLC). I also want a Dead Space Trilogy on Switch.

I want to see Titanfall 3. 

Give us a remake of KOTOR 1 and 2.

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I just want some games, man. I expect Halo 6 and Gears 5 are given. I want Halo 6 to be a return to form. Include splitscreen. Get rid of most of the nonsensical mobility crap. 

I want to see Halo Wars 3. I want a new Conker game. A new Banjo Kazooie. A new Viva Pinata. A new Perfect Dark. Sunset Overdrive 2.

More than any of this, I want some surprises. Surprise me with something new and different. A new IP. Something intriguing. Throw us a bone, Microsoft. Give me something so cool that it eliminates my last excuses for failing to purchase an XBone.

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Obviously, I want Elder Scrolls VI. But, they've said many times that they want to create something entirely new. Something other than TES and Fallout. I would love to see a new IP from them. 

Doom 5 is a must. I want a Wolfenstein RTS game also.

A proper sequel to Heretic.

And if you couldn't guess, I desperately want a new Commander Keen.

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A new Deus Ex would be interesting, even if Mankind Divided failed to grab me like Human Revolution. We now that they're working on a Marvel game, so that will be great to see. I want a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 (we don't already have one, right?). I don't have many wishes for them. I do have things I don't want. I really don't want them to announce FFX-3. They clearly would butcher it if they ever made it. I don't want them to announce FFVI. Not until it's nearly done. I also don't want another Theif game, as they allegedly slaughtered the last one (didn't play it myself). 

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Prince of Persia. Give us a new one!

Blood Dragon 2.

That's all I want for now, honestly. In a year or two I want a sequel to Mario+Rabbids. Maybe they could announce another awesome collaboration with Nintendo? Who knows?

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PC Show

I don't play much on PC. I don't ever watch this show. I guess what I want is to see all about the new Cyberpunk game (I assume this is where they will talk about it?). I bet there'll be some battle royale games. Maybe some CCGs and some MOBAs. And then people will talk about graphics cards for awhile, probably.

Chex Quest 4 would be great.

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I want a mini PS1 to be announced, with tons of games on it. Just like the Mini SNES. 

I want backwards compatibility on my PS4. Let me play my PS2 games!

I want to see more of that new game from Sucker Punch. Lots more on that. 

I want to see more nonsense about Death Stranding. I want to see a bizarre "trailer" for the game every year from now until the end of time. I don't think the game actually exists in any way, nor will it release as a commercial product. It's just a grand social experiment to mess with our minds. 

I want a release date for Dreams. That's still happening, right? 

A new Dark Cloud and a new Rogue Galaxy would be swell. 

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I want a mini N64 so bad. I can't even explain how badly I want it. I will skip work and camp out to get one if I have to. Let me play 4 player Smash and Mario Kart again. Let me hack it to add Conker's Bad Fur Day and GoldenEye. Gimme gimme gimme. Right meow.

Super Mario Maker 2. Where is it? And Super Mario 3D World 2?

Obviously I want details and gameplay footage of Smash, Metroid Prime, and Pokemon. Release dates would be great as well.

Port Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD to Switch. And announce Skyward Sword HD. 

I would love a proper sequel to Super Mario Bros 2.

Pikmin 4 is a must.

Luigi's Mansion HD and Luigi's Mansion 3.

Metroid Prime Trilogy HD. 

A big surprise from Retro (Starfox related or otherise). 

Announcements of Switch ports for Amid Evil and Dusk. Maybe Ion Maiden as well.

I would love to see another unexpected collaboration like Mario+Rabbids. Whether it's with Ubisoft or someone else entirely. 

And this probably goes without saying, but a new IP would be great (this really applies to all of the conferences).


What would you like to see? Why am I wrong? Let me know your thoughts!

- Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

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