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QTEs: Press X to post blog.

Quick Time events have an extensive history, dating back to the 1970s, first featured in Kansai Seiki Seisakusho Co's The Driver where the player is tasked with matching the movements of the steering wheel, gas pedal, and brakes to the indi...


Review: Company of Heroes 2

The original Company of Heroes is among my favorite RTS games if not my favorite overall. It has great combat, plenty of vehicles and weapons, good graphics and the campaign is diverse and interesting. So imagine my excitement with the rele...


Most Overrated: Bioware

(spoilers: Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2) Seeing as I have no money to actually buy video games coupled with the fact that Verizon's idea of "high speed internet" is 500kb/s , which means won't be able to [s]pirate [/s]wait...


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