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Pieces of Heart: Dynamite Cop

Time to have another look at a forgotten classic in my game collection, and this one was only available on Segaís great white hope. The machine had internet before X-Box, duel screen before the DS and cross play before the Vita, it had it all. It has a splattering of classics, but so many forgotten gems itís a genuine shame. Ladies and gentlemen, this was Dynamite Cop on the Sega Dreamcast.

Originally a Die Hard tie in game in the arcades, when it came to being ported to the Dreamcast, the Die Hard label was dropped. The basic premise is as dumb as the game its connected to- the presidents daughter is kidnapped by pirates on a cruise liner, and despite an entire SEAL team being dispatched to save her, it all comes down to you and your ass kicking skills. †

And what skills they are! Building from your standard Streets of Rage-esque scrolling beat em up action, your choice of three heroes has an array of special moves as well as the ability to weaponise anything they can get their hands on. The controls are intuitive and well built, along with a thorough environment design that holds up to several replays.

Dynamite Copís weapons are its brilliance, never hiding from its own ridiculousness (the villain is called Wolf "White Fang" Hongo for gods sake!) nearly everything can be turned into a weapon to bludgeon your foes with. On a gantry? That mop will work wonders. Got a aerosol can? Flamer thrower that mother fucker. In the kitchen? Well twat that guy with a sword fish becauseÖ.. why would you turn down the chance to twat someone with a sword fish? Its genius, shamelessly silly, and laugh out loud fun.

Never taking itself seriously, but still providing a solid challenge, Dynamite cop was able to push some newer ideas first into the arcade then into our homes as well. Sure, these are pretty standard fare now, but back in 1999, this was revolutionary!

You could choose your own path! Thatís right, you were in charge, sometimes it led you to a trap, other times to bonuses and short cuts. It was a speed runners dream, and was open to re-plays in the same way so few games are these days. If you were good, you could blast it in an hour and a half, but it would be a different adventure every time.

Quick time events! Okay, so itís a dirty word now, but ďpress X to not dieĒ was pretty amazing at the time, a cut scene which I controlled? It was bad ass! Whole sections depended on your reactions, again allowing for secrets and punishments for those who failed the QTEís. Tense and exciting, this new way of gaming has been bastardised to the point of ridicule now, but in Dynamite Cop, you wanted to pass every one.

Three cheers for Dynamite Cop, dumb as a bag of hammers but some of the best fun you can have with your pants on. Also hurrah for Dreamcast, you will always be saving the presidentís daughter of my heart.

Oh, and the more damage you take, more of your clothes come off.†

Dynamite cop is another classic that will have to be ROM hacked or bought of Ebay. Sad is the era that Sega wonít release a best of Ďcast bundle like their stellar Mega Drive/Genesis collection.††
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