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Namco stole my Soul :(

Why, oh god why,do gaming companies NEED to change things up with every sequel? So Soul Calibur Broken Destiny (PSP) is out today. And While I normally will read well into games long before they are released, digging through every article...


Woots I has a blog!

Finally got around to setting this puppy up. As anyone reading can probably see, my banner is ginormous, it should be half that size. anyone know how to stop it from balooning up? send me a message. Anyhow, ahoy hoy! Greetings to the Dtoid...


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Hey hey all, I'm GraveRisen from Calgary, AB and I'm a gamer by many definitions.

It all started at an early age with me, starting off in a household already equipped with an intellivision (which I still have to this day), and by the time I was 5, a NES. I had my trusty game gear to play on long car rides (and subsequently commit "AA Genocide"), and when I was 7 I bought my first console with my own cash, the classic Sega Genesis.

I never really grew out of video games like my parents thought I would. I found myself in posession of a SNES shortly after the system was released and oh I spent so many hours gaming with friends, and dumped more time than I care to admit into sweet ass RPG's. The era of the N64 came around my buddies and I pulled weekly all-nighters playing perfect dark and ocarina of time speed runs.

As for non-gaming related shiz, I'm a bit of a metal head (in music taste and personality, not so much dress), though I'll listen to any classic/hard rock, metal, alternative, even some hip-hop. My sort-of "backup" favorite is Classical music. I do loves me some Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

Bitches don't know about my huge collections

Systems currently in my posession:

Intellivison, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, WII, Genesis, Dreamcast, GB pocket, GB colour, GBA, DS, DSi, PSP 1000, and a sweet ass gaming PC

And at last count my total games were at 192

Im in ur cabinet, playin ur games

It's so hard for me to pick a genre I play so lets just simplify things... No sports games except for mutant football, blades of steel, etc (the quirky ones). I'm a huge fan of RPG's, any FPS that tries something new (NOT HALO OMFG), RTS's like Red Alert 1 and Total Annihilation, ANY Blizzard game, and fighting games are huge for me.