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Killzone 3 - More Hellghast vs ISA... in 3D!

Sony Computer Entertainment and Guerrilla Games are back at it, they are making the Killzone franchise in 3D AND Move compatible.

As one of the first big game titles to come out in 3D this will surely be Sonys showcase title for 3D and one of the first FPS/shooter games out that will be Move compatible. Killzone has always been on top of the technology tree - it was one of the better games to make use of the Sixaxis technology - so I am sure that Killzone 3 will try to be the top Move showcase title this time around.

As we approach the release of Killzone 3 I hope to be able to playtest and get as much information as possible on this title.

Killzone 3 is currently in multiplayer beta with a street release date in mid-February 2011.
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