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Hey guys, looking for something to do on a Thursday? My newest edition of Games That Time Forgot is now live, and today we're covering a game that stars the mascot of the company that owns most of your childhood! Link in the comments. One more bump!


So it would appear that Activision Blizzard, deciding to go for broke on being asshats, reportedly violated federal labor laws as well. https://www.engadget.com/activision-blizzard-nlrb-labor-complaint-194037754.html


Capcom, my proposal: stop being cowards and demand that Disney let you remake The Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse. I want to hear this get a remix:


Came back from watching Shang-Chi. And I really liked it. It's easily one of the best MCU movies, and way better than Black Widow.


God damnit I'm going to have to get a PS5 now, aren't I?


So since Metroid Dread is coming out in a month, can we as the internet all collectively agree NOT to pirate it? Please?


So after a delay on my part (thanks again Kevin), I'm back with a new edition of Games That Time Forgot. This time, it's a Sonic game where they stop the bad guys through the power of friendship and teamwork. Link in the comments. Afternoon bump!


So.....I've been trying to post my newest C-Blog, but according to the site, I'm a spam bot. And when I try to email support, the email bounces back because it's considered spam. Can someone help me out?


Me hearing that Idris Elba is voicing Knuckles in the Sonic movie sequel.


I had no idea another one of my dumb blogs about forgotten games would make the front page (let alone the one on Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine), but I'm still humbled nonetheless. Guess I better start putting more effort into these then!


Hey guys, so I'm back with another edition of my monthly (?) feature, Games That Time Forgot. This time it's about that one time Sega reskined a Puyo Puyo game and made it technically a Sonic game (link in the comments). Late night and one day later bump!


Happy birfday to two of the most wonderful Dtoiders I know: James Gunn and Neil Armstrong!


I just saw a couple of episodes of Jellystone on HBO Max. It isn't perfect, and some characters are boring, but it still got a chuckle out of me. 8/10, it was better than Scoob.


My boss just told me I was working hard before I took my lunch. Current status:


Just came back from my my day of training at my new part time job. Can't say where for the moment, but needless to say that I loved it. The people were nicer and I got trained better than my chicken restaurant job.


I'm not going to lie: this doesn't look......terrible? Dare I say......decent? Like I don't think it'll replace Ultimate, but the fact that the roster includes older Nicktoons is a pleasant surprise.


So today is the six year anniversary of when Satoru Iwata passed away. Current status:


So I just came back from watching Black Widow. It was actually pretty good! Not the best MCU movie, but still pretty solid.


Honestly the best way to look at this new Switch announcement is that there's no point for everyone who has a Switch, but to those who are unsure or their old one is on the fritz, it's not a bad alternative.


So after playing with him for a bit, it's safe to say that I think Kazuya is pretty good. He basically has the power of Terry but without the inputs.


Not going to lie: of all the things I'd thought I'd find when I came home from work today, my dumb CBlog about Metroid Fusion being on the front page is not one of them. I'm seriously humbled and appreciative.


Apparently the Metroid Dread Special Edition was up on Amazon UK and Japan, with it costing in the $80-90 range before shipping. To all my European/Australian/South American Dtoiders......I'm sorry that you have to pay that on a regular basis.


Sonic being in a SMT game is even weirder than I thought.


Big Chungus says stay hydrated and take care of yourself. It's only the middle of the week, but you got this!


I'm at the point right now where I'm done trying to find the Collector's Edition of Metroid Dread and just buy it digitally.


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