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As part of my plan to clean up my room, I decided to open up a couple of my unopened figmas and set them up. 20 minutes after I "assembled" my TP Link, I'm starting to realizing why I don't have many figmas. And why I probably won't for awhile.


So for those of who are still playing it and have a My Nintendo account, Fire Emblem Heroes is holding that Choose Your Heroes event again. Top four become new units down the road, and the four who won last time can't be voted on this time.


Just logged into Pokemon Go for the first time in weeks, and the first Pokemon I caught was a Ralts, which evolves into Dtoid's patron saint Gardevoir. Current status:


So while doing a search for Steam on Google, the second search suggestion was "Steamed Hams." Godamnit Internet.


Oh shit, it's Panda's birthday? Why didn't anyone tell me! Time to party and get down! Happy birfday Panda!


So, this is Nintendo's big thing. Not going to lie: I REALLY didn't expect this.


So I just completed Chapter 3 of XC 2. Okay, now the story feels like it's actually going somewhere. It's a shame a certain character had to get...well you know, even if I kind of knew it was going to happen.


So that Nintendo Direct mini was quite nice. Yeah, it was mostly Wii U ports, but they were ports of games that were really, really good and need to be played by everybody. Also, I'm strangely kind of excited for that new Mario Tennis game.


One of the classes I'm taking this Spring semester is The History of Rock Music. This is the textbook I'll be using.


TIL that the actress who played Rose in The Last Jedi got her start in some YouTube videos. Here she is as a crab in a video about GameStop. Because why not?


So I just hit the 20 hour mark in XC 2, and my opinion's changed for the better. Combat isn't as frustrating now that Poppi and Tora are my tanks, though exploring can still be a bit annoying. Still, I'm having a really good time with it so far.


So apparently if you leave your SNES Classic on for a few minutes, the system runs a small little demo of the games, including your save states. Cute, but not something I want to hear when I'm in the bathroom across the hall, Nintendo.


Just hit the 13 hour mark of Xenoblade 2, and I'm torn. There are parts of it that I love (the music, some of the combat, the Blades), parts I'm indifferent to (the voice acting), and parts that drive me up the wall (getting attacked by high level shit).


My thoughts on 2017 now that it's officially ended (on the West Coast).


So as part of my Christmas gift, my dad got me Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch. Unfortunately, it's the European version of the game, which kind of surprised me. Thank god the Switch is region free though, or I'd be in trouble.


So I just came back from seeing The Last Jedi, and I don't know what to think about it. Not about it's quality, the movie's great and I'm excited for Episode 9. But, well, I'll tell you in the comments (spoilers obvs).


I'm on my way to a job interview, the first in a long time. It's a part time position at my school's bookstore. Dtoid, send me your spirit energy!


I got some pretty great gifts this year, but this one from my mom is easily the best. Not just because I got it, but because my mom told me for weeks that she couldn't find it, so it was a legit surprise when I opened it.


Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Qwazy Qwanza, a respectful Ramadan, and a happy whatever the fuck Scientologists celebrate. Life Day maybe? Yeah, let's go with that. Happy Life Day!


Twas the Saturday before Christmas, and all through the house. GoofierBrute was doing not a damn thing, except eating chicken tamales and watching a LP of Mario Party 1. #TwasTheDtoiderBeforeChristmas


Yo, just a quick heads up, remember that free SMT game that plays like Castlevania? You have until December 24 Japan time to download it before it's gone forever, which is really soon. Link to the localized version in the comments.


Yo it's officially Monday, which means we're one week away from Christmas. To help you get through that last minute shopping for loved ones, here's a Santa pupper to get you through your week.


Thank you to my Secret Santa who gave me the greatest gift of all: the gift of waifus.


Welp, the semester is over. I don't have to worry about class for a month, meaning I can sleep and play video games. Also I petted a dog today. That was easily the highlight of the day.


Hey everyone! Has your day been so fa-- *FCC votes to kill Net Neutrality*


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