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About Gonnzone of us since 12:50 PM on 12.04.2021

Hello and welcome to my humble little page. I decided to start blogging about video games in an attempt at indulging deeper with my life long hobby. A hobby in which has been pretty much hands down the biggest part of my identity since I was around 3 years old. (I'm 33 at the time of this writing) I mostly enjoy single player games since I can easily walk away from them and they'll be exactly how I left them when I come back. Also I've found that single player games tend to hold up better over time, given how multi-player games tend to change over the course of their relevancy, not always for the better, and one's enjoyment of them is dependent on whether not there's a good community behind them. But that discussion deserves it's own blog. I play a wide variety of series and genres. From mindless shooters to deep story driven RPGs. From obscure indie titles to big budget "triple A" titles and everything in between. My idea isn't necessarily to provide reviews of the games I talk about, but more to just describe my experiences with games in general.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see ya around!