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Activision steals the Ghostbusters' equipment, retool it as Rock Band lights and smoke


From Xbox 360 fanboy:

Darkseide just been tipped us off that rather large pre-order boxes of the ever famous (and ridiculously overpriced) Rock Band Stage Kit have been popping up in various game stores the world over. The pics, which can be viewed in their own gallery below, not only further prove that the Stage Kit will add light and smoke effects to your Rock Band fun, but we now have an actual image of what the device will look like. And, to us, it looks like a hybrid between a police spot light and the robot from WALL•E. But that's just us. Take a look over the $99 Rock Band peripheral, weigh the pros and cons and imagine how much cooler your Rock Band sessions would be with a plume of smoke rising from the floor.

Adds Walter Peck, EPA agent: "The people think they're seeing ghosts and call these bozos, who conveniently show up to get rid of the problem with a fake electronic light show."
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