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LOST is back!

Will anyone else be watching the return of Lost tonight? For those of you who aren't into Lost, the season finale was EASILY the best summer movie of 2007. It was that good. If you have any interest in getting in on the best show on TV righ...


Criminally Underrated: Aladdin (SNES)

For those of you who were still crapping in your own pants in 1992, let me explain that Disney's Aladdin was FUCKING HUGE. It made a shitload of money, thanks to the fact that it was one that boys and girls alike to enjoy (though I am ash...


The list of GOTYs

Courtesy of MTV: The 2007 GOTY Winners The Associated Press picked: “BioShock” Destructoid picked: “BioShock” Gamasutra picked: “Portal” Game Daily picked: “Call of Duty 4″ Game Informer: “BioShock” Gamepro picked: “DUHRRRRRRRR...



Don't care if this isn't game related or old, the whole world needs to see this shit, starting with Destructoid.


EA transforms into SUPER PISSED!

From Kotaku: In a single line text message sent from her Blackberry, Teri VanHorn, producer of Fox News' Live Desk with Martha MacCallum, blew off Electronic Arts' detailed call for correction over the error strewn report the show did on...


Gamers defend Mass Effect on Amazon of all places

Sometimes, gamers can be pretty awesome. Quote of choice: "I'm also quite disappointed that Mrs. Lawrence would use sex appeal (the cover) to sell her book. Whether she realizes it or not there are a lot of kids in book stores today that w...


Why I don't like Link's Awakening

This is my first blog post and I'll probably get lots of hate for it, but it's something I've been itching to admit since 1993. By the time this game rolled around, I was still playing Link to the Past, a game I got well over a year before...


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