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SHORTBLOG: My Muscle March Entry

Lemme tell you something about this picture. When I took it, literally 10 cars passed me and saw my junk. Shits awful. Anyways I hope I win this shit. I loves me some Muscle March.


Are the Amish Fit to Continue Game Making?

Back in the 16th century, the Amish were the forerunners of modern gaming culture. Even today, their Olde Tyme ways has a presence over every controller and system. However, it's apparent that gaming is lifting off from it's coach and bu...


Why Chess is Not a Real Gaming Console

This is a response to a certain hilarious post Today, I had a friend over and he brought over a strange checkered board. With said board, was joined black and white figurines. My pal urged me that this was a game. "This machine looks old...


Peripherals: An Apology Letter

Dear old flames, Today I have found a new toy to bond with. Her name is a Fightstick. I met her in my local Gamestop sitting behind the count on display, waiting for the right man to pick her up. Our first date was at my house. I had a ...


My Expertise: Trollin'

I'm not very good at a lot of multiplayer games. I'm okay at best but even that's a stretch. Recently time has not been on my side and I haven't been able to excel in anything were I play people head to head. My days of spending 12 hours ...


I Love You Destructoid

So I woke up and check the Pictures thread Sunday morning to find this. HOW DID YOU GET THIS NUMBER? Naturally, I had a pair of bongos myself, so I replied. I THINK I HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER. And then hilarity ensued. We might not be the...


What I've Learned From Video Games: Photography

What I've Learned From Video Games is a comedic series of articles that I'm writing about various things that I've gathered from playing games that have helped me in my own life. Photography Any idiot can snap a photo and call themselves...


Video Games: An Anniversary Gift

January 27. A date that means few to people, and just another day of endless work to the rest. To me, this day is a milestone for myself and my girlfriend. It would mean that we would be celebrating two years of commitment together. Two ye...


The Making of My Double Down

That's right. The making of my double down. I had joined the Destructoid forums a while back in September, but I have never been active until recently. I had seen the mighty double down thread and what crazy ass monstrosities people were c...


The Future: Gamers

It was the following Sunday after Christmas. Wallet fat with gift money, I went to my local Best Buy to purchase the New Super Mario Bros Wii. The exchange of currency for software was made with time to spare and I decided to head to my gir...


Love/Hate: The Sniper

This article is mostly about Team Fortress 2, but i guess you could apply the same frustration in to any other fps You stand victorious. Under your feet lays a team of four, maybe six baby-men, all cut to ribbons by your favorite girl Sach...


IntroPost: Here Comes a New Challenger!

Hello Destructoid! Lurked enough on this website, so i decided to introduce myself and become a real part of the community. Anyways, I'm really bad at intros so ill try to make this as painless as possible. I started playing video games ...


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I'm a gamer of all sorts (except sport & racing games).
I'm Scotch-Korean with a hint of Native American.
I'm 21
I got the nickname Gobun from playing Monster Hunter Freedom. I decided I was mainly going to be playing with the Bowgun. In my infinite cleverness, I switched the "B" and the "G" around and threw out the "W" in the word bowgun and BAM.
This is me.

I'm drunk as fuck in this picture and so is Starkey. Whatevs, I still look good.

Favorite Games
1. Donkey Kong Country 2
2. Dead Rising
3. Mother 3
4. Resident Evil (Gamecube)
5. Metal Gear Solid
6. No More Heroes
7. Bioshock
8. Super Smash Bros Brawl
9. Demon's Souls
10. Chrono Trigger

Games That Make Me Disapoint.
The Sabotuer.

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