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PSA: Limbo Vita is Free if You Already Own it on PS3


Going into PSN to get Limbo for my Vita so we could talk about it on our podcast, GO FOR RAINBOW! I discovered a button that said FREE where the BUY button should have been. At first I thought it was a glorious error, but as it turns out, not only is this a cross-buy title (a feature that was not well promoted) but the cross-buying works retroactively!

Looking at the comments below the post here a few days ago dating the games release on PSN, there seems to have been some confusion: in the comments people are debating whether this version is worth another $15 when they already have it on the PS3.

Worry not. If you bought Limbo back in the day on PSN, the sweet-ass Vita version is waiting for you with open arms and puckered lips.

Enjoy, kiddos.

(Also, listen to the Go For Rainbow! Podcast.)
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