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Downloadables: Outland Rover

I have been gifted with the powers of creation and destruction, to wield both in order to reinforce the balance of all things, and hopefully to put my nighmares to rest. I must use these powers to struggle a vast and hostile world, with cre...


Aamaazing: The Little Touches

I love challenging games that embrace a survival mindset. The feeling of tension created by having to make sure that you're playing the game to the best of your ability adds a sense of drama and excitement that, to me, forms the core of the...


Technical Difficulties: Bad End!

This month's musing has had some wonderful blogs so far, and rightly so. One of the biggest complaints of classic videogames was the insane challenge required to succeed at these games, requiring players to memorize enemy patterns through r...


About Gnarlythotepone of us since 6:36 PM on 02.17.2011

I'm a male Caucasian, who enjoys playing games of most genres. I typically purchase a single console for each generation, but refuse to get caught up in console wars (although I`ll happily provide the details for my choice, if asked, but hardly expect anyone to switch or care).

Favorite games: typically adventure style - I`ve always loved Sierra games and SCUMM adventures. For modern games I tend to skew towards ones that I find interesting and especially those intersecting with other interests (e.g., I enjoyed Wet, due to my skewed film preferences).
In general, I also tend to enjoy games that at least try to do something a bit differently, or at least with a little humour.

Last game(s) played to completion:
Ace Attorney - Justice for All
Costume Quest
Scott Pilgrim VTWTG
Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue
Red Johnson's Chronicles

Games I've played in the last month(ish):
Room 215: Hotel Dusk
Shadows of the Damned
MGS: Peace Walker
The Warriors (PSP)
Costume Quest
Demon's Souls
Scott Pilgrim VTWTG
Tactics Ogre: LUCT
Patapon 2
Ace Attorney - Justice for All

Systems Owned (* = currently):
Apple IIe
PC* (various)
SNES* (bought after PS)
Nintendo DS Lite*
GBA (broken :( )*

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