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It's ok not to play Depression Games

Recently with the death of†Robin Williams, depression has been discussed quite a lot. Also with the push of†Depression Quest†and ironically the scandal involving the personal lives of the creator†Zoe Quinn†and others (I won't spread the Bur...


Death of the Arcade

Arcadia and Me Retro gaming is a big deal for a lot of people and somewhat surprisingly, it's a big deal for a lot in of current generation gamers who never grew up with those games. I personally never grew up with the 80's era of gaming ...


Demographic Denial of Transgender Gamers

Introduction: More than a game There's certain pastimes and hobbies out there that people take very little notice of or make sweeping assumptions about. In general, unless a hobby is extremely bizarre, only in the "I collect dead squirre...


We shouldn't be unable, to include the disabled.

Games get criticised if they donít feature inclusion, be it off people with different ethnic origins, people with various sexual orientations and a like. Yet there are very few games out there that cater towards people that suffer with d...


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