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GTA V on PS3 is not Outdated


Hi, if you are stressing your old-gen version of GTA V will do be out-dated, dont! Here's why:

Worried that your copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PS3 is outdated now that the remastered version for PS4 is out? That’s the way many PS3 owners probably feel now that a freshly updated remaster of the game they know and love is available for the newest system. While the new version is great, if you own a PS3, there’s plenty of reason to continue to be excited about the original game, especially if you have no intention of updating your system anytime in the near future.

It’s important to remember that although GTA 5 is being re-released, this would’ve never happened if the original version of the game for PS3 weren’t already so popular. The game released in 2013, and fans of the GTA series flocked to it. It wasn’t long before those who purchased the newest gaming consoles wanted a version of the game to play on their new systems. GTA V was already a great game before the remaster came along.

GTA V fans love cheat codes. It provides a unique experience of the game by giving players the ability to modify certain aspects of the gameplay. For example, PS3 cheat codes allow you to give your character maximum health, change the weather in the game, and give your character new weapons and vehicles. These and many others make GTA that much more fun when you can bypass the things that may frustrate you when you just want to make the rules yourself.

The game is also going to continue to have new content pushed out for PS3 owners. The periodic updates that owners of the game have already enjoyed will continue until any future hardware limitations bring it to an end. Updates won’t just be limited to the remastered version, so you’ll still be enjoying new content in GTA V even if you don’t upgrade your system.

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