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Aaamazing: Don't you die on me!

Fire Emblem is a pretty big series and has iterations across a variety of platforms. Whilst the graphics, story and characters may change, the gameplay rarely shifts from its main style. Whilst similar to other tactical games, Fire Emblem a...


Changes: Thanks Mum!

When I was a kid, I didn't really have much of an opinion when it came to decent videogames. My collection of games were largely hand-me-downs from my Uncle and whatever my parents deemed as suitable for a 10 year old to be playing. Hoppi...


"What? No, I'm saving it for later..."

So I reach the final boss of Fantasy Hero IV or some other RPG, right? I'm like a level 50 elven templar or something and I've got this Sword of Light that comes with a totally sweet effect. My character has really high stats and the opti...


Teh Bias: The Five Stages of Bias

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. These are the five stages of something that I like to call the 'Gilthalas model' (more commonly known as 'The Five Stages of Bias'). Whilst I now tend to consider myself too mature for b...


Alternate Reality: The Curse of Medium Sized Walls

It is Wednesday. The time is 10 PM. Little Jimmy has an exam at 9 AM the next morning and will be taking no chances when it comes to sleeping through his alarm due to exhaustion. He sets his alarm, hits the pillow and when he finally come...


E for Effort: "The Number One Free Multiplayer Game"

Congratulations. You have taken your first steps in to a bold new world. It won't be easy and you may struggle at first but before long, you will be slaying dragons, demons and the minions of ancient God's. Your abilities will increase ...


About Gilthalasone of us since 3:28 PM on 03.02.2010


I'm Tim but online I go by Gilthalas.

I'm currently at University studying English. I'm pretty good at it.

As far as videogames go, I'd say I'm pretty open minded and can enjoy any game. Except for Dead Space/Mirror's Edge but I don't even want to talk about them.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Why Gilthalas?
A: My favourite book series as a teenager was Dragonlance and I eventually hit the internet so wanted a 'cool' username. Picked a favourite character called Gilthanas. Name is fine but I wanted it to be my own so I just changed the n to an l and there you have it.

Q: Favourite Games?
A: Call of Duty (Series)
Golden Sun (Series)
Prince of Persia (Series)
Halo (Series)
Assassin's Creed (Series)
Dragon Age: Origins
Fire Emblem (Series)
Red Dead Redemption
Ninja Blade (no, I'm not kidding)
Pokemon (Series)
Team Fortress 2

Basically, I like games that come from a series because if the first one gets a sequel, it was probably a good series to start with (although there are exceptions, of course).

Q: Other hobbies/interests?
A: I play guitar. I enjoy writing. I draw too. I love films. I also love the theatre (as in Shakespeare and all that jazz).