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Cataclysmic Comeback.

It's Been Awhile... I figured that once I signed up here I'd at least have 3 blogs a week. Little did I know, I was going to get into a little bit of trouble between my first post and now. I guess that means story time! ^^ My birthday was...



An introduction of sorts... I figured the first step to being loved/hated would obviously be introducing myself, then we can go from there! :3 The beginning... It's so badass to say I've been a gamer for 14 years. :) Most girls my age we...


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I'm ME.
I'm Kris AKA Gigglez. I'm a strawberry-blonde, "ginger", soul-less, whatever you want to call me. My humor is bad, my mind is quirky, my imagination is creative, and my heart is HUGE. I'm loud and outspoken and strong in what I believe in. I'm into art, cartooning, drawing, music, piercings, tattoos, and texting.

First impressions are everything to me. Make it count. <3