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Overhype: Halo 3


Once again we go back to E3 2006. In the midst of the Wii chaos, a teaser for Halo 3 is released. Fans go through the roof. Hype turns to Overhype. The game is released in 2007 and while everyone likes it, it's not the Holy (heh) Grail it was made out to be and so Halo 3 is my subject today.

First off, the controls are some of the easiest/best you'll get. Everything is easy to access and after some time in Legendary and Multiplayer you'll have the potential to "own n00bs" so to speak. Or show them your the Dogs Bollocks on Halo 3. However our first problem is in story. I don't actually own the previous 2 Halo games, so 1. I only have a basic idea of the backstory and 2. You won't get any "OMGZ HALOZ 1 AND 2 WAZ SO MUCH BETTER THAN DIS SHIT". Anyway from what i know this guy called Master Chief is woken up from a cryogenic sleep and he has to go and kill lots and lots of Aliens, who of course being Aliens are trying to wipe Humans off the face of the universe. During this we also find out that the T-Virus lasted 600 odd years and has evolved into a race of parasites who are trying to, of course, take over the world. So Master Chief has to stop the Covenant Aliens from launching the special stage rings from Sonic 1-3 and at the same time blow up the T-Virus with his Boomstick. At this point he has stopped 2 Special Stage Rings from Firing and is off to finish off all his enemies once and for all. Also his AI Bird Cortana has been kidnapped somehow. Now i don't know about you guys, but all i saw in Halo 3 was killing some Aliens, then some flood, then some more aliens, then going to a big Alien ship to kill more flood, and then suddenly blowing everything up. Now that doesn't sound like such a good way to end a story. Still the game also throws back to the golden era where a story didn't matter as much because you were having fun because the levels in campaign are fun, whether it's having a dogfight or taking down two giant enemy robot crab things while walking away like a Badass. 4 Player Co-op also helps though to ease the story and to just have fun.

But then apparently Halo has never been about the single-player but the multiplayer. There's not much i can say other than it is fun. There's not much that's changed since Halo 2 but you can now use equipment such as Power Drains and Bubble shields and there are some new weapons to kill with, like the Ban/Gravity Hammer. Another thing that is neat is the Armour Customization. Sure it's nothing new but it's still nice to have your own personal looking Soldier to use, providing your not using the default armour and colour or all Hayabusa Armour. As for the maps, most of them are fun to play on, save for a few "meh" maps like Standoff, Rat's Nest and Isolation. Basically if you liked or like any Halo Game's multiplayer, you'll like this.

But then comes what IMO is the game's greatest feature. Ironically the least featured feature when the game was being promoted, Forge has given birth to flood of amazing maps to play on, and what is better is that anyone can do it. It's basically an object editor, and so it wasn't as big for the first few months of the game's release but once the Heroic Map Pack came with the map Foundry, the sky was the limit, Or the invisible walls, whatever. Maps could be competitive or for fun or even as neat mini-games. This feature, combined with saveable gametypes, has given birth to some really cool stuff. It also greatly helped with Machinima, although that has been a curse and a blessing.

There's not much to say sound and graphics wise. Sound consists of the usual war like music, bar the Halo Theme and The Graphics are step up from the previous games although not the best on the Xbox 360.

So there you go. Halo 3 is a good game, but its not without it's flaws and is not the game of the decade/best ever. Still buy it, granted you have Xbox Live/Friends, because the game is a whole lot less fun without them.
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