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10 Things You May Or May Not Know About Gibbo


1. My oldest Brother is autistic
It sucks. He has been since he was born and eventually he had to go to a care home but our family has had to live with it for a good 28 years. We still love him though although it's depressing to think what could have been. I can never laugh at autistic people.

2. I had to be checked for many things when I was born
Like I said before my oldest Brother has autism but my Dad also has a bent spine. As it's possible that these could be passed on, I had to be checked for both when I was first born. Luckily I have neither.

3. I'm only 15
Most people know this now but for those who don't, I'm 15 and 10 months old. It shocks people when they find out, but I see this as a good thing, since they're usually shocked by how mature I am. Most people who have asked me about it thought I was around 18.

4. I'm terribly shy
I hate it. If I know the person and share interests and whatnot, then I can chat to them fine. But if it's someone I don't know or if I don't know about their interests enough then I become really shy, usually only responding to them. You might notice this shyness in EUFNF. Hopefully one day I'll be less shy.

5. I used to be really into spriting
The first community I joined on the internet was the Sonic Spriter's Network. Later on I joined a different Sonic Spriting community and stayed there a good 2 or 3 years. I was really good at spriting at one point, but eventually I got bored of it all and moved on. I still have good memories though. Maybe one day I'll come back to the spriter within me.

6. I might potentially never drink alcohol
All of my family likes to drink alcohol and throughout my life I have been the victim of it. I know alot of people say that drunk people are great when you're drunk with them but the amount of times I've been upset or pissed off from drunk people has really put me off alcohol. It's not as if I even want to try it, desite my Dad's best efforts. Perhaps time will tell.

7. I am quite the pacifist
Simply put, despite how angry I might get, I will never resort to violent behaviour. I've been tempted so many times but it's just not in me to do it.

8. I make ameatur movies
Some people know this but as a side hobby I make amateur movies. My only problem is that so far the only actor I have is myself. This usually leads to some funny hijinks. What I've done isn't that great, but I find it a fun thing to do. Think of me as Uwe Boll except not German and I don't think I'm a misunderstood film maker.

9. I used to really love wrestling
Before The Rock left WWE for good anyway. It's partly my Middle Brother's fault for this, which is my Dad's fault. My Dad got my brother into wrestling when he was a kid and so my Middle Brother did the same to me around the attitude era. I watched it all the time, got the figures, got the games, hell I even wrestled with my Middle Brother (screw you "Don't do this at home"). I don't care what people say about wrestling being fake and whatnot, when it was at it's prime I loved the hell out of it and I still look back fondly.

10. I got really depressed when my Middle Brother went to University
That was 7 years ago now so It doesn't bother me anymore, but when he first left, I was really bummed for a long time. If you have a sibling, you can understand that there's a relationship (not the love kind) with them that's just not the same as with your Mum and Dad. They understand you perhaps the most of all of your family and you can certainly do a lot more things with them. At that point, he was gone. I didn't socialize outside of school with my friends so he was the only one I could do things with. There's a flipside though. As I got used to it, it made be realize how much my Middle Brother means to me and I make the most of every time I see him now. He's one of my idols anyway.

So there you have it. Well done on wasting 5 minutes of your life.
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