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(NVGR)Arty Farty: Two Not So Great Sketches From The Summer

It all started when Wardrox played the ending to A New Hope at the end of Podcastle 19. It was then that I pictured the cast at that scene of the film as the people of the Podcastle. I thought I'd try sketching it in time for Podcastle 20. I grabbed a screen of the scene and a sketchpad I thought I'd never use and went to work. This was the result. (I don't have a scanner so the quality isn't too great but it's the best I can offer)

This on the other hand I don't think anyone saw. After Jim posted a blog about preparing for his trip to Tokyo for TGS, I got another idea. I'd been watching a retrospective of the Godzilla series at the time and then it hit me. Jim is an arguably big man. Tokyo is in Japan. Godzilla is a big monster. I was at the sketchpad again and this is what came out. I prefer the Podcastle 20 sketch but I'm happy with how Godzilla turned out. I was also happy with the idea of a cum blast from Jim to Godzilla's radioactive breath. That little blob is supposed to be Atheistium, hence the cum blast, but it didn't work out. Ah well.

Well I thought I'd share these with you guys. If for some strange or creepy reason you want these in a higher resolution, just PM me.
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