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KKK vs. Mr. Jenkins (Religious peace in Soul Calibur IV)

As many people may know, I am a very religiously spirited man, but I was not always one. One day I was walking down the street, and a respectable African-American asked me for any change. I told him I didn't have any and he called me a "stupid poor honky" and that he was going to cut my "fucking dick off." After I ran away, I realized that I should not hate my brother of this world, and realize that we should all learn to accept each other.

I am originally from North Florida, so there are many KKK meetings. One night I was walking to my local charity Bingo hall and I stopped by a KKK meeting. They were talking about awful things such as hurting certain minorities. I told them that they look like ghosts and then they got upset and threatened to lynch my "Chinky McChink Chink ass." After they chased me through the woods, I realized that these men were not really chasing me, but they were chasing their insecurities and masochistic needs. When they caught me, they hurt me and I wounded up in the hospital with a fractured skull and 3rd degree burns across my chest. I was crying because it hurt so bad, knowing that nobody would ever accept me for who I was. I wanted to die in my sleep and let everyone see what they have done to shatter my childhood innocence and naively optimistic viewpoint in life.

Hope you enjoy my video!

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