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From the guys who brought you, "Punch-Out Trailer: Short Cuts Entry..."


TeamAwesome makes a movie trailer for Contra! I am loving the nostalgia and references to cheesy 80s pop culture. I personally love the dominatrix. ^_~

Quoted from the video description:
We at Team Awesome have a soft spot in our hearts for video games, which many of you already know. What you might not know is that we also have a soft spot in our hearts for cheesy 80's action movies. Knowing that the Contra characters are loosely based on 80's action heroes, Maddog and Scorpion began to come to life in our minds. We wanted to not only pay tribute to the classic game of Contra, but also to movies like Predator, Aliens, and Rambo: First Blood. And so, the Contra trailer was born and we began to have images of spread guns, extraterrestrial invaders, and unbreakable yet expendable soldiers. From this moment onward, may you consider yourself a hero.

Their MySpace Promo Account can be found here:

So, what do you guys think of it compared to the Punch-Out Trailer?

(Here it is, in case you were living under a rock.)
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