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chun-li vs that black dude from the green mile

I found a really fun animation maker featuring SF2 characters, so visit GoAnimate.com to make your own Street Fighter yaoi love scenes that Jim Sterling wrote about or something. This is Chun-Li vs. that black dude from The Green Mile; it...


Left 4 Dead: The Art of Teamkilling

As the years go on, ever since I first took my first blood at shooting the backside of my friend's Mech in MechAssault (2002), I have always been a huge fan of griefing and helping developers redesign their games. At first, it was a very d...


Free Disneyland/Disney World ticket on your birthday.

Link: http://www.freezecracker.com/forum/index.php?topic=1668 You can goto Disney World or Disneyland on your birthday FOR FREE!! You will need to: *Sign up for an account *Be 18 or older *Provide a valid email *Prove your birthday falls ...


P. Cool Tornado Man Remix

Being the owner of my own site, I'm usually responsible for promoting my site's work, and as you can tell for all my loyal followers, I'm pretty selfish about that by promoting mostly my own work. But when I heard this remix our sound guy ...


Meet the Left 4 Dead Scout

Link: http://digg.com/comedy/Meet_the_Left_4_Dead_Scout "Geoff plays Left 4 Dead and uses Team Fortress 2's Scout Taunts to grief and get hilarious results in an unsuspecting game session." Please DIGG if you enjoyed it, we're trying to g...


How to make friends in Shadowrun (Part 1-3 of 5)

I was going through the Shadowrun Demo and yeah, fun times. Hope you enjoy and perhaps maybe one day you'll be able to make friends online like a champ. Note: The audio in the first video was cut from another part of my recording, the v...


I'm done making videos; my mom said so.

Geoff, your brother found these videos of you. Are you still making and posting these immature videos? I get very upset when your brother hits himself and at least he is autistic. You do not have a reason...so please grow up and stop embarr...


GameStop: Power to the Players??? YEAH RIGHT!!!

75 CENTS FOR MADDEN 06?!!? I'M TIRED OF YOU GAMESTOP. POWER TO THE MEAN EMPLOYEES. >( Jag känner en bott, hon heter Anna, Anna heter hon Och hon kan banna, banna dig så hårt Hon röjer upp i våran kanal Jag vill berätta för dig, att ja...


"Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" Machinima

This is what I originally planned to do with my spare time. I'm starting to lose my hillbilly voice and make it sound like some gruff pedophile, but hey! We can't all be winners, can we? In case you missed my last video: http://www.destru...


#1 Mega Man 9: Concrete Man Time Attack World Record

IN B4 HIGH SCORE HACKING There was a slight delay after I got the time because I was literally doing flips, cutting heads off and screaming my head off because I felt like a fucking ninja. And yes, I'm currently working on other Time At...


Brian Crecente: Crybaby or Noble Journalist/Blogger?

This might be a little old, but I haven't seen much conversation on it. Brian Crecente, the main blogsman of Kotaku.com, has recently been under fire from the gaming community for posting a very untrue rumor about the "Xbox Pure." The sou...



This post has been hidden for a year! Now, how would someone know the link to this..?


A serious message about a father in trouble.

Hi, everyone. Here at FreezeCracker.com (or at least our Dtoid blogs), we're usually about fun and games, but this is a serious issue that we would like to present to everyone. A friend of mine is in a dark place right now, and I would li...


How to Teamkill in Gears of War

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82gXMYxGc7M This is actually just a bunch of old clips I had testing out my new software, I decided to put it together, throw in some deep thinking, give y'all mother fuckers a kiss, and I'm done PEACE HOMIE...


Dark Link's Inner Struggle (Comic Con 2008)

A couple weeks ago, I posted a thread with my Dark Link cosplay pictures. (http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Geoff/dark-link-cosplay-pictures-96172.phtml) My good pal, Mxyzptlk said: "Nobody understands Link's inner torment. Time to write ...


Braid Review

Poking fun at the morons on the internet. Please don't take this seriously. As always, I try to do something different, changing the formula. Let me get your feedback, whether I suck a huge cock or not. Thanks!


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