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The New Adventures of Pokemon - ISSUE 4! (also, CONTEST!!!)

Well it's been a great 4 days, but sadly, it's time for the final episode in this little miniseries of mine. After the comic, I'll explain how this contest is going to work. If you don't know what's going on, then be sure to go back and check out Issue 1, Issue 2, and Issue 3 (Issue 3's other pages have been fixed and are viewable now)!

W-WHA?! Where's the rest of the comic!? Uh oh, looks like little me didn't feel up to finishing this story.. Well then I guess it'll be up to you guys to fill in the blanks.. you know what that means, right? CONTEST TIEM!!


Okay, here's how it's going to work. I want you guys to come up with a middle and ending to this comic picking up where that last, unfinished panel leaves off. The ending can either be conclusive or a cliffhanger and can be either serious and epic, or childish and lulz-worthy like the original comic in terms of art and story, but the whole thing must be done within 2 pages in dimensions 500 x 780. The contest will come to an end 2 weeks from today.

Send your entries to either my gmail: [email protected], or one of my blog posts about this contest (either this one or one of the others that I will make periodically to remind people about the contest). No need to make your own blog posts about it as there is already another c-blog-raping contest going on right now.


I'm still working out some of the details, but let me assure you it will totally be Pokemon-related and will possibly consist of 2 or more items.
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