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Screw Capcom, and Screw Street Fighter x Tekken

I was pretty excited for Street Fighter x Tekken. I was pumped to the point that I pre-ordered the game online as soon as I found a deal. This excitement stemmed from the faith I had in Yoshinori Ono based on the quality of Street Fighter IV. The online for that game worked well, and I could have lag-free matches with my bro Wilbo over in Scotland. The game only improved with its Super entry, so I was under the impression that Ono knew what he was doing.

Fast-forward to the week of release. Shortly after my copy had shipped, word of the game's on-disc DLC had been revealed. Needless to say, I was appalled. I was cool with the idea of extra characters as DLC, and I wasn't too upset over the fact that the Vita version would get the characters first at a discounted price. What sent me over the edge was the fact that these characters were not only finished, but they were also on the disc.

It's been a while since this drama occurred, so I've heard all of the arguments. People have compared SFxT's Disc-Locked Content to things like Windows and the fact that Windows 7 has every version of the OS all on the same disc. Capcom has said they wanted to make it easier for everyone to access the content. I can see where they're coming from with these arguments, but I simply don't agree with this method of distribution.

Windows is a tool. It makes sense that they would have various versions on one disc for accessing content as you're buying specific versions of a tool that offer different functions. Video games are entertainment. It just doesn't work the same way and people will never resonate with it in a positive way. Let's say you buy a movie on DVD, but you don't get access to the deleted scenes and other content on that disc unless you pay extra. That would irk you wouldn't it? What we have instead is a "Special Edition" DVD that includes all the extra content on it. Anything on that disc is yours to do with as you please.

As logical as it may sound to put all content on the disc to avoid download times and space requirements, the majority of people aren't going to agree with it and are going to feel cheated out of content on a disc they just paid for.

Now, the DLC isn't the only problem I have with SFxT. No, the problem I have is that the game itself is pretty shitty. It's littered with useless things like Gems and Auto-Combos, and packed to the brim with technical issues. It's normal for games to have issues with things like infinites, but there's a problem when you can win by merely jabbing, or juggle opponents by spamming a heavy kick.

Some people can deal with these functions, and that's cool. I could probably deal with them too. I mean, if I could actually play it online. I cannot believe how terrible SFxT's online netcode is. Not only is there immense lag, but the audio cuts out because of it. Has this ever been an issue in another game before? Because I have never heard of lag causing this.

Things get even worse when I try to play with Wilbo halfway across the globe. When we play SSFIV, SF3O, or even MvC2, we have a flawless connection. When we tried to play SFxT together, we had ridiculous lag. It got even worse when we tried forming a team and playing against others in Ranked matches. We literally never finished a single match when we tried this mode. Why? Because we would desync mid-fight and then drop from our opponent.

What the hell? This was a great idea and it was hyped to high heaven before release, and it plays like total ass.

Now, I know people will say "you should wait for the patch to release" or "well you were playing with someone across the globe," but those arguments simply do not fly. I guarantee this upcoming patch will not fix online lag issues. When has a fighting game ever patched online lag? If they do end up reducing lag in matches, I will put my foot in my mouth. As for playing with someone across the globe; if I can do this flawlessly in several other Capcom products, then why the fuck should this become an issue now? This is completely unacceptable.

What makes this even more more upsetting is the fact that not once has Capcom owned up to their mistakes with this game. All they have done is blame everyone else but themselves. They've spread out watchdogs and white knights across the internet from Capcom-Unity's message boards to /v/ in order to make it seem like they're not at fault. They blamed the 360's lack of Offline/Online Team-Up initially on Microsoft, then said they didn't have enough time because it was too complicated (even though games from Halo to Mortal Kombat have accomplished the same feat flawlessly). Did they ever say "sorry?" Did they ever do anything to make it up to 360 users? Fuck no! Did they admit their fault with the game's shitty online? No, they blamed it on us. Apparently our terrible connections are the reason why the audio cuts out. It's not because they did a terrible job with the game's netcode.

"The new netcode implemented in Street Fighter X Tekken allows for up to 4 players to have a smooth online experience, however depending on the connection stability between players, things like “spontaneous match rollback,” “voice effects cutting out,” and “sound effects cutting out” also are occurring. "

Now, let's recap. Capcom has just put out a game that they spent more time developing DLC for than they did making sure it was fully functional. Not to mention they shafted the 360 version in favor of Sony's massive sacks of cash (and they still claim they weren't picking favorites). The game has been rendered unplayable to me because I can't even utilize its online functions so I can get pissed off at the handfull of exploits players are using. The last time I felt buyer's remorse this bad was when Nintendo announced an $80 price drop on the 3DS 40 days after I purchased mine.

Now SFxT is by no means Capcom's only fault as of late. Let's list them, shall we?

*Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 has terrible online, has gameplay that is nothing more than repeating a single combo, and had two versions released within 6 months of each other (because apparently Tsunamis make that okay)

*Resident Evil has been degrading into a basic "action shooter" game

*Asura's Wrath's Ending is DLC

*Capcom's resentment towards past employees has pushed them to kill off, completely change, or constantly ridicule both Devil May Cry and Mega Man

Let's dive into that last bulletpoint a little more. Both Inafune and Kamiya have offered to come back to Capcom to help them develop Mega Man and Devil May Cry games (respectively), but Capcom has refused. Why? Because the people that run Capcom are so jaded--so absolutely prideful and childish--that they wouldn't dare allow anyone who left them to do anything to help them. They would rather take a character clearly loved by many people all over the world, and drag his name through the mud, refuse proper cameos and troll fans on the eve of his 25th ANIVERSARY. They would rather take a franchise and completely change its main character in a way they know fans will react negatively.

"No, seriously! Do something that you think would make us angry with you."

So you know what? I'm done. I'm done with Capcom and I'm done with their bullshit. You want me to spend all this time playing Asura's Wrath only to find out I need to spend more money to get closure to the story? You want me to spend $80 to have full access to a fighting game with shitty online? You honestly want me to believe that there is no difference between downloadable content and disc-locked content? You want me to believe there was absolutely no interest in a completed, buyable demo for Mega Man Legends 3? Fuck you, Capcom. We're fucking done.
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