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The Singapore Gears 3 Launch (in Pictures)

The Singapore launch of the eagerly anticipated Xbox 360 game, Gears of War 3 happened on today, September 19th 2011. We get to get it one day earlier than you Yanks (LOL!). There was a long line of gamers who had pre-ordered the Limited or the Regular version of the game. I didn't pre-ordered mine as I was confident of getting the Epic Edition on the 20th, but the guys whom I play online on the 360 and/or PS3 did so I was there to take pics of the event and to show the Dtoid Community how the event took place in this part of the globe.

Sorry for the blurry quality of some of the pics as i took it with my Iphone. The last picture is from a friend of ours of which my face appears. ( I'm the one in red)

The line started there.

A view from the 2nd floor

The Gears babes.

The play area. Didn't get to go in as it was for a lucky few from the line.

The Countdown...

3,2,1... GEARS OF WAR!!

"Marcus Fenix", accompanied by the Gears babes to celebrate the launch.

Two of the guys showing off the game and the swag that came with it.

Group shot!
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