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My game skillz are deteriorating! And wedding pics..

Here's something that has been on my mind the past few days. I have a feeling either modern games are getting easier or my old school game skillz becomes worse as I get older. How do you ask? Read on.

Back in day we had black and white graphics and we'd like it.

I purchased Mega Man 9 on XBL, seeing how i played the shit out of Mega Man 2 and 3 back in the 8 bit NES days. Before achievements and trophies, beating a game is bragging right among kids back then. You beat Contra and you describe them what happens, you tell them that you fight a giant fucking heart then the island explodes and you escape. There was no youtube, no game videos. Friends would more likely believe your story, with wide eyes about your achievement. It was an accomplishment of its own. Beating Mega Man 2 (or more known as Rockman over here) was an even bigger feat as that game was hard as balls. Friends would ask about how to beat the Robot Masters and whose powers to use to beat Dr. Wily. We felt like a boss back then.

Victory over this bitch of a game still eludes me.

So with that in mind, I decided to take a trip back to nostalgia and fired up Mega Man 9. The whole 8-bit look certainly brought me back. So I started with what I read as the easiest Robot Master (or mistress) in the game. Splash Woman. How wrong I was. I died. A LOT! And I didn't even reach Splash Woman at all. I died to her flunkies. My mind was aghast, " How the hell is this happening, I used to beat this shit!!"
I tried the other stages. Jewel Man, repeatedly died during the level. Concrete Man, repeatedly died during the level. At this point I just got frustrated and turned it off.

This screen is pretty much the most I've gotten out of MM9

My gaming nostalgia trip crashed to a halt. I didn't touch that game for months. I've beaten games like Demon Souls, how the heck can't I beat Mega freaking Man 9?!! Let alone beat a Robot Master?!! I guess i've lost that old school touch. I can now only sit in shame and reminisce on the good old days when I beat games like Mega Man.


So that was my gaming related blog to keep it..well gaming related. Here's a little something NVGR.
I promised Elsa some wedding pics on my last blog, so here's a few, courtesy of me and the missus:

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