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A gamer's life milestone.

Ok, I'm typing this in a hotel lobby and in 24hrs time, I am about to enter a new stage in life. Being married. Excited? Sure. Nervous. Sure am. But what, as some of you might ask, has this to do with gaming?

Well, I did some thinking in the past few weeks, about how things are gonna change in my personal life. And while going through Dark Souls and dying for the 5th time fighting the Hydra, it hit me. Gaming is gonna have to take a back seat to my new life. Face it, I have to start budgeting the household expenses and gaming is gonna take a back seat. Waaay back seat to everything else that's important.
And i feel kinda sad in a way. Gaming has been a big part of my life, since 7 years old with the Atari 2600 to now with the Xbox and PS3 and PC.

I'm not saying that i'm giving up gaming as a whole. But what we're going through now, the gamut of gaming goodness from September to December. And me buying the new games as soon as it is released. Well that's not gonna happen often after tomorrow. And I'm gonna miss it. I'm not sure if this is part of growing up but I have to slowly let go of those gaming spending sprees as the finances is gonna be more concentrated on family building.

Of course, the missus is not stopping me from buying games or having online sessions on Live or PSN but the time spent is gonna be modest compared to before. (Although it helps that she's hooked on Dance Central)

Well, this may seem like i'm just rambling or just pre-nuptiual jitters but i just feel i have to express my feelings as a gamer, moving on to the next stage in his life. Hope this isn't considered a failblog and sorry for having no pictures or funny stuff. This is all from the heart.
I'll post pictures of the wedding day on my next entry or on a forum post, if anyone cares that is. :P
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