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Will you people shut up about not getting Fatal Frame 4? The hope isn't lost yet!

I've seen numerous blog and front-page posts about "THE US ISN'T GETTING FATAL FRAME 4" over the last few days, and I'm statrted to get sick of typing the sasme reply over and over, so I'm making this blog to hopefully shut everyone up.


(Please note, this is not my only source, it was just the first one I grabbed because I don't have much time here)

XSEED was asked multiple times if they would publish Fatal Frame 4 in the US. They looked into it, and found out that somebody had already bought the rights, but they couldn't reveal who it was.

Nintendo nor Tecmo has the rights to this game because somebody else already bought them. They just haven't chosen to reveal who they are yet, or to use the rights yet.

So can we stop it with the sob story blogs?
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