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Exit 2 XBLA comments

I did a review for Exit DS a little while back, and well, this game is basically more of the same. 250 more levels of Mr. ESC helping stupid people escape disaster areas for money and coffee. You can literally read my old review and get a gist of what the game is about, so I'll save some time and just list some of the things that are different/special about Exit 2. You can also go to my old review if you want any pictures, because I'm lazy and I'm not going to post any here.

1 - Mr. ESC changed clothes. In the original game for PSP and XBLA, and in Exit DS, Mr. ESC wears a dapper suit with a stylish hat and scarf, and wields both with exotic flair. In Exit 2, Mr. ESC has gone for a classic noir look, sporting a fancy long trench coat along with his classic hat and scarf.

Yeah, it's a small change, and totally insignificant to the gameplay, but he looks pretty cool in the trench coat.

2 - The basic game follows an actual story. It's barebones as hell(I mean, we're talking you can see the organs through the skin here), but it's nice to see that a little bit of effort was put in to make all his adventures flow together. Instead of just sending Mr. ESC on random missions throughout the world and have him re-meet some of the more interesting characters in the later levels, Mr. ESC follows a Professor with a large mustache as he attempts to solve a set of ancient riddles which constantly land him and his group of students in trouble. Of course, you'll also meet some rather...colorful people who just happened to be nearby as well.

Yeah, it's basically the exact same thing as it was before, but they tried and I have to give them a little credit. It's a damn puzzle game, who needs a real story.

3 - There's two new evacuee types. In addition to the returning cast of "Skinny Person", "Fat Person", "Child", "Injured Person", and "Alien", we now have the "Dog" and the "Macho Person". Now technically, the dog isn't new to the US, since we got Exit DS first and it had the dog, but this game came out in Japan first, so this is technically the debut of that character. ANYWAY, with the addition of the new character types, the puzzles are even more diverse than they were before, and that's always great news.

Also, the Machos are totally hilarious. I know a lot of people got annoyed by the evacuees randomly saying the same couple phrases over and over(HELP HELP I'M OVER HERE HELP HELP), but I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing the machos proclaim "I AM SO BUFF AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOD LOOKING!" and "THIS IS BETTER THAN A REAL GYM!" in their goofy voices.

4 - The translation got fucked up. I don't know who is to blame for this, but somebody royally screwed up somewhere. The help menus and character profiles are in incredibly broken English, such as many of them barely make sense. As well, character portraits in the profiles are all mixed up, and rarely actually match the person they're talking about. I've seen Machos depicted as dogs, dogs depicted as aliens, men depicted as women, aliens depicted as Injured people, and all sorts of just silly mistakes that should have been caught long before this game went up for download. It just screams laziness and sloppy work, which is bizarre given my next point.

5 - Physics changes. This is one I'm rather impressed by. Instead of just porting the exact same physics engine to all the games(Which they easily could have done), Taito actually changed it each time. What follows is an incredibly technical explanation of the new abilities, so if you aren't familiar with the game's physics you might want to just skim it or skip it. But suffice to say, they reprogrammed the system and didn't leave it the same.


Exit DS had a weird feature that allowed you to jump towards certain walls and latch onto them as if there was a platform there(And one puzzle in particular actually required you to do this AFAIK). Exit 2 added two new little touches(That I've found, anyways) and they're really neat. The first is that they shortened the time it takes before Mr. ESC goes into his "latch onto platforms" animation. He is actually capable of latching onto platforms almost immediately after he starts his jump, which means he can now make jumps -up- one level, as opposed to only being able to jump perfect horizontals and declines. Another addition is sort of also reliant on this new feature. If you -run- off the edge of a platform, Mr. ESC will now move forwards a slight bit. This is normally useless, but it allows you to totally bypass ladders going down, via running off the ledge and "latching" onto the other side, then dropping down. Since ladders only go down 5 spaces, and you can drop-fall 5 spaces safely, this shaves about 5-6 seconds off your time.


Have I mentioned I REALLY like Exit?

So anyway, the game is essentially more of the same. If you didn't like the first Exit, you probably won't like this one either. If you did like the first one, this is more of the same great stuff Taito has put out before, with a few cool new twists and big additional helping of the series' humor and charm.
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