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The Beardstroker Part I

I'm in the middle of a summer creative writing class over at Butte U this summer. Take a look at the first part of my writing and tell me what you guys think and if you like it, I'll post more over the next few weeks. Enjoi! The Beardstr...


Relax... banned

I was completely unawares that this existed. Huh. Far more interesting of a song now. I suppose someone will tell me that Wham's music has some magical gay connotation now too. As if.


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I'm currently seeing a nice fellow that goes by the name of Haime. He says it's spelled with a "J" but I ain't fallin for that trick again, Sister! HA!

I like emo music, ABBA (MAMMA MIA OPENS JULY 18th!), facebook, dtoid, Mr. Destructoid, and my favorite TV show is [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dante's_Cove]Dante's Cove.[/url]

I work at a local newspaper in charge of the alt section in a small town in Montana.

STOP SENDING ME PICS OF YOUR 2 GIRLS VIDEOS. THATS GROSS! No one wants to see two girls kiss anyway. ew.