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'Negative' Achievements on '360 discourage douchery?

It appears that EA sports are using the popular achievements system on the xbox 360 to highlight douchery amongst people playing their games.

This is something that I only semi noticed myself and a friend later highlighted to me. The game in question was 'FIFA 10' and the 'achievements' are worth zero points and seem to just be there to highlight that you are indeed an asshole. The first one is the 'Glory Hunter' 'achievement' that you obtain for playing ten ranked on-line games with a five-star (top notch) team. The other, and more significant one is 'Bad Loser' an 'achievement' that you get for quitting five games.

I think the 'Glory Hunter' achievement is a little harsh- of course people are going to play on-line with the best teams available. I just so happen to support one of these 'glory' teams because it is indeed my local club, therefore it is the club that I automatically select on-line.

The 'Bad Loser' achievement on the other hand is a double edged sword in my opinion. On one side of the coin it is going to discourage people from quitting the game because then they are going to have this hanging round there neck like a FIFA albatross- I know one friend of mine in particular who is a terrible quitter that might think twice if everyone knew that he was a sore loser. On the other side of the coin, it might actually encourage people to quit in order to get this achievement to finish their 'collection.' It could also encourage people to just disconnect by turning their '360 off rather that go through the 'quit' option on the menu- depriving some people of a result.

I am not sure if this is the first time that achievements have been used in this way. They are visual representations of what you have done on-line that are accessible on the web and also via your xbox 360. They're permanent badges that show what you are about. To be labelled in a negative light- especially with an 'achievement' seems quite odd, but also strangely appealing to me.
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