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About GatsuTheBerserkerone of us since 12:10 AM on 12.18.2006

If it wasn't obvious already, I'm a hardcore Berserk fan. Both the manga and the anime of course. Gatsu and his Dragonslayer makes Cloud look like a whiny stereotype...oh wait, he already is, lol. Anyway, my "hardcoreness" is defined as to what kind of games I mostly play. And those usually are FPS and RPG. Not "OMG FF7 IS SEXI!" kind of RPG, but actual RPG's that aren't overrated.

Favorite RPG: Chrono Trigger
Favorite FPS: Area 51 (What can I say, awesome Campaign, decent online when there aren't a million snipers camping)
Favorite Racing: Burnout Series (I have a demented joy in ramming people into walls/cars/anything I see, I don't race, I rape)
Favorite Fighting: Street Fighter II (and ftw, will always be in my heart)
Favorite Adventure/Misc: Castlevania, Mario, Sonic (Grew up on them, can't decide which is best, I <3 them all)

Music: Hard Rock, Alternative, Punk (as in The Misfits, not "failoutboy"), Hardcore Punk (Black Flag), metal (power/black/death/folk), techno, and some Japanese stuff. Favorite bands included: X-Japan, Motorhead, The Cure, Behemoth, and Opeth.

Life: Laid back, random, love ze ladies, and within having moments of sadistic smiles/laughs and thoughts of psychotic glee.