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Got me a COD4 Beta key

Oh yeah. Finally got my email from Activision and am downloading the Beta now. This gives me a full seven days to enjoy it before i go off to a possible XBL-less University. Feel free to add me and what not. See you on there! EDIT: GT ...


EU COD4 Beta Keys

Alright, so i've been up in Newcastle since Friday and only got back last night. I check my email this morning and find a message from GAME advertising a few new releases but also, what really caught my eye, was a banner stating that if yo...


I stand corrected

Some of you might remember my last foray into the Dtoid blogging community in which i basically outlined the fact that i was not impressed with the BioShock demo and would not be buying game for various other reasons. I now stand corrected...


BioShock: DO NOT WANT!

I think there is something fundamentally wrong with me. I have had no intention to ever buy BioShock. I'd heard the crazy cats behind the System Shock games were making something new, apparently underwater and investigated further. I cou...


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