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Why I'm Buying A Playstation Vita (Again).

In the Summer I purchased a Playstation Vita. At the time there were a few games that peaked my interest - Persona 4 Golden, Little Big Planet Vita, and Killzone: Mercenary. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of relying on the Vita as my only form of video games. While I loved my short lived time with the Vita, I owned the Vita at the wrong time. I did not care for and appreciate indie games at the time, and I didn't broaden my taste in games too greatly. Now that the Vita has more games like Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD, Borderlands 2, Soul Sacrifice Delta, and a number of very interesting indie titles, the Vita is much more appealing. Another issue I had is the fact that I had very little money to spend - I was in the middle of a tough semester at college and I had no source of an income.  Now that Summer is around the corner and I have a steady job, it's only a matter of time until I get a Playstation Vita again. I currently have three games that I feel are necessary to own on the Vita. The games are Tearaway, Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD, and Persona 4 Golden. Borderlands 2 is being ported to the Vita with a new PS Vita Slim bundle that hits shelves on May 6th. I loved the game when it was on consoles and PC and I'll love it even more on the go. Those four titles and a new, lighter PS Vita will keep me occupied for the Summer.
      Along with first and third party games, there are a few indie titles that really interest me. With games like Spelunky, Super Stardust Delta, and eventually Mercenary Kings, the Vita has great titles that look fantastic in short busts - hence playing on the go. I haven't played many indie games, but the Vita definitely seems to have some high quality titles.
      I do miss having a Vita, but I'm glad I can learn from my mistakes. Very shortly I will own one again and I will appreciate the system the way it deserves to be appreciated. There are great first party games and there are great third party and indie games on the system. Do you own a Vita? Are you planning on getting one? Share your thoughts!

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