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Physical Games Vs. Digital Games

Hey folks, sorry I haven't written in a long time! I have been busy with school and writing for an awesome website you guys should check out. It's called icedjgaming.weebly.com. But nonetheless, I will try and get more blogging done on here. I appreciate your support! Enjoy :D

Physical vs. Digital- All of my life I have owned physical copies of video games; it was natural for me. With the rise of digital gaming, it is inevitable that we are moving to a digital based video game community. While I am willing to accept this change, I have some major gripes with digital versions of video games. Here are my thoughts:

Digital Games Take Up More Memory-

My biggest gripe with digital games is the memory these games take up in a hard drive. My prime example is with my Wii U. Sadly, and annoyingly, the deluxe model of the Wii U only has a 32GB hard drive. Little under half of my available 32GB of storage is being used for two digital games - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (which I've invested 50 hours into and I don't have a 3DS to transfer my data) and Pikmin 3 (which I'm slowly progressing through and will be deleted once I complete the game). While this issue can easily be remedied with a large flash drive, it's annoying that my primary gaming console has so little memory.

Even my friends, primarily owners of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, complain about the massive data games take up. I understand that developers are still figuring out the specs of these new systems and a new console is a legitimate reason why games, at least digitally, are taking up so much space. I'm sure once developers have had their hands on these systems for an extended period of time, these digital games will be able to take less memory to install and download. But for now, from what my friends have told me, it is annoying that their systems have almost no memory remaining and these consoles (PS4/Xbox One) aren't even a year old yet. But like I previously mentioned, developers are still learning how to create huge games for new hardware and with time they will know the limitations.

Why I Prefer Physical Games-

I have owned physical copies of video games my entire life and I enjoy seeing my collection on a shelf. I believe a gamer, no matter the size of their video game library, can be defined (In a good way) by the library they posses. The respective library a gamer owns, in my opinion, shows what they are interested in and I appreciate that. And what is cooler than having a huge, diverse stack of video games in your room? Maybe America? Yeah, America is definitely more awesome, but that's another topic for another day.

I love driving to my local GameStop with my buddy and just looking around at all the awesome games on the shelves. I may buy a game or two, I may not. Each trip to GameStop is a different experience and that is what makes both video games and owning physical games so special. For me, there is no experience quite like buying a brand new game and tearing the shrink wrap off the case and seeing that new, beautiful disc for the first time.

Physical And Digital Versions Are Both Efficient (For Me)-

The best part about digital games is the fact that I can turn my system on at anytime and start playing a game right away. Smaller, non triple A games and Indie games are perfect because there is less to download as opposed to a first party or third party title. While it's super efficient and convenient, downloading a large game can take a long time and having an average Internet connection, band witch, etc. can really cause downloads to slow down even more. With physical games, this does not happen. There may be a few minuscule downloads for updates and such, but these small updates take mere minutes compared to downloading a digital game, which could potentially take an hour, maybe longer.

Those were my thoughts on physical games vs. digital games. Which do you prefer? Share your thoughts!
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