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Happy Birthday, Gameboy!!!

25 years ago today, the first Gameboy was launched. Woo-hoo!!! Not only is the Gameboy one of the greatest hand-held systems ever, it's also one of my favorite gaming systems ever. I've had so many great memories with the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, etc. In honor of Gameboy's 25th birthday, I thought I would list 5 of my favorite games or franchises to appear on the Gameboy. 

     1. The Pokémon series- I could not get enough of this series as a kid. Collecting so many unique and different monsters was addicting - trying to get more Pokémon than my neighbors added to the beauty of this franchise. The connection I felt with my perfectly constructed party was something I never felt before in games. I felt free to do whatever I wanted with my six Pokémon. I decided their abilities, I decided to evolve them or keep them the same. As both myself and the series grew older, I sadly lost connections with the Pokémon franchise. I lost touch after the Ruby and Sapphire games - there were too many Pokémon to keep track of - it was overwhelming. While I have moved on, I'll never forget the memories of playing Pokémon with my friends every chance we could get.

     2. Lunar Legend- Lunar Legend is a portable version of the beloved role-playing game, Lunar: The Silver Star. I remember getting this for my birthday with a Gameboy Advance SP. The second I turned the game on, I fell in love. At the time I had no idea that this game was a remake, but I did not care, I was hooked. The story was deep, the characters were lovable, and the world was incredible. I put well over 40 hours into my first play through and I will never forget the joy I had playing through Lunar Legend. I still have my Gameboy Advance SP and my copy of Lunar Legend.

     3. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga- When I was growing up, I didn't play many Super Mario titles, so I had no idea there were role-playing Mario games. When I first started playing this game, I had no clue what was going on. I did not understand the battle mechanics very well, and the leveling system was confusing for me. This game was difficult for me - I was young and did not grasp the idea of an elaborate story in video games. But as I played more, I got better. I got through the first boss and felt a sense of accomplishment. After that, this game transformed from a decent game into a fantastic game. I loved walking around trying to figure out where to go next. This game taught me that a story is not something right in front of you - explore the world to find the answers you seek!

     4. Advance Wars 1 & 2- The Advance Wars series was the first time I played a tactical/strategic game. It was difficult at first because I would always rush straight into the enemy and get obliterated. Advance Wars involved a lot of trial and error for me, but I would not quit. Building up my army and slowly depleting the enemy's army was all I cared about. The story was pretty good and the relationships among the many characters was something that always intrigued me. This series made me stronger mentally and increased my interest in future strategy/tactical games. 

     5. Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced- At the time, I had only played one Final Fantasy game prior to Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced - Final Fantasy X. A childhood friend showed me this tactical role-playing game and I immediately liked everything about it. Naming the main character after myself was awesome and I felt like I was inside the world. The story was touching and I cared for everyone I became close with. My favorite thing about this game was the fact that it was portable. I would play it in hotel rooms, on car rides, and I took it everywhere I went. Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced was a big staple of my childhood. 

     The Gameboy has had so many amazing games that deserve to be talked about. This system revolutionized hand-held gaming as we know it today. Not only did the Gameboy mold me as a gamer, it also diversified my taste in games. What are your favorite games or franchises on the Gameboy?
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