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Video games are for children after all so I see nothing wrong with this, hmmm... (video in comments)


I saw this in an article, inspiring words to follow: “Don’t play more than an hour of games each day. Go out and play. Work and study hard. When you do better, you’ll enjoy the games more, too. You are the future of our country.” - Takahashi Me


I'm curious if you're an achievement hunter or not? Do you find more enjoyment in a game without having to think about trying to get that platinum trophy or earning every achievement in a game? Or do you want something to show off your accomplishments?


I am an absolute sucker for strong independent female leads, so my #womantoid shout out goes to Aya Brea.


Here's a tier list that's a little easier on the eyes.


If the average price of Switch games wasn't $50-60 I'd have another 7-10 games on here maybe...


I'm surprised this isn't bigger news...maybe because it's not on Steam...oh yeah, and it's $230 for all 4 games.


After about 3 months and continuous compressing I've magically filled this 6TB hard drive with every PS2 game from Europe, Japan, and America. AMA.


Guess I'll throw in my completions of 2020. Most of the retro games listed were kind of repeat completions so I almost didn't include those but I was home a lot this year.


I'm 24 hours into FFXV and am I correct to assume the game is basically 80% sidequests and 20% main story? I feel like I've spent probably close to 10+ hours just on Chapter 3 with almost no progress because of all these sidequests! (love the game though!


Today was a monumental day for me. Day 96 of Ring Fit Adventure, and I've officially completed all 69 Worlds of the game! I Still have quite a few titles left to collect to fully 100% the game, but I'm pretty happy with this accomplishment.


Here's a flashback from 2017 when Josef Fares talked about A Way Out as professionally and passionately as any game developer should have. Too bad we couldn't get this much passion for It Takes Two.


One year Sean Plott (Day 9) should take over the VGA's just to see what he would come up with for segways into world premieres and award nominations.


So has anyone beaten Cyberpunk yet?


I'm 2 days late but on November 16th, 2018 Among Us was released on Steam. Nearly 2 years later people actually noticed and fell in love with it. What were you playing 2 years ago?


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