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Twisted Goddess Theater: Or, I Got A DSi

Title in honor of Twisted Toyfare Theater, which was often not very good in practice but I always liked the idea. The good news is, I got a DSi. The bad news is that, while the rest of the gaming populace is swept up in the splendor of E...


Early Impressions: The Dark Spire and Izuna 2

I tend to go through phases with gaming; I'll be tremendously enthusiastic about it for a few months, then I'll get burned out. Sometimes, I just want to relax with a good book and a cup of tea and forget about everything else. Of course,...


Random Art Blog (maybe not that random)

Unfortunately I don't have any exciting stuff such as new Chrono Trigger art (although considering that SE would just send me a Cease and Desist order, maybe that's a good thing), but I did finally get around to scanning some of the stuff t...


Random Art: Knight of Sterling

My finished Knight-- I went for a different approach with the coloring this time. Instead of making everything all PRETTY! and SHINY!, I tried to go for a more dark-and-mysterious approach. I think it basically worked, although I'm su...


Random Art: Knight

This is something I'm working on for another project, but I thought it came out pretty good so I'd share it with you guys. The idea was to design medieval-style armor that had a bit of a feminine look to it, yet still actually looks like...


Chrono Trigger Art: MARLE

EDIT: For some reason Dtoid doesn't want to display these nicely in the body of the post, even though they're the same approximate sizes that I always use. Clicking on the attached images should show them at the proper res. I wasn't plann...


Chrono Trigger Art: LUCCA

First of all, I LOVE MAGUS. MAGUS IS GREAT. Second, I did another Ayla, because the static nature of her pose in the first drawing bugged me. This one isn't perfect, but I think it has a lot more character. Lastly (I hate that word, hm...


Chrono Trigger Art: First Ayla

I'm trying to learn how to draw the Chrono Trigger characters so I can do one big CT piece with everybody (well except for Magus, I don't really consider him part of the main group.) This is my first Ayla drawing; next time I draw her I'...


Lightning Warrior Raidy: Yeah, it's Kinda Porn

Yes, this is a game: This is a game that I am playing. Censored in case of young 'uns. As some of you may know, I have been known to like a good dungeon crawler. Actually, I have been known to also like mediocre, lukewarm, barely adequa...


DS Reviews: Luminous Arc 2

Before I get started, I can't believe that no one commented on the Crab Battle reference in my last blog. I'm honestly not sure whether I should be disappointed or not. A sketch of Althea. Luminous Arc 2 is just so cool, the witches bur...



After reading Riotmonster's list of videogame lust, I was inspired to do my own version, since she and I apparently have very different taste in imaginary men. However, I know this sort of thing is puerile, cheap, and should be beneath the...


The Truth About Gamer Girls

It happens, time and time again: I'll be browsing Destructoid, minding my own business, and I'll fall over a comment that goes something like this: "Man, gamer girls are so awesome! I wish I could find a gamer girl to be my girlfriend, I...


Playing With Yourself: A Separate Peace

I could have spent more time drawing a better header image, but that wouldn't have been as relaxing. Yup, I completely stole the title from the John Knowles novel. I am unrepentant, because the book is so awesome. I'm pretty devoted to ...


Making A Game: Yet More Concept Art

One of the NPCs, a water nymph. This will probably be my last Dryad-related blog for a while, because it's about time for me to stop having a big concept art party and work on all the little nuts and bolts that will actually make the ga...


A Startling Confession

I'm almost afraid to do this, but in the interests of full disclosure I think the time has come to be honest with the Destructoid community: I do not own a current-gen home console. I can hear the outcry now "What the hell are you waitin...


Making A Game: Sprites

I've made a little more progress on Dryad, which is the working title for my lil' videogame. One of the most important tasks is to make Riorla's sprite look good, which is really difficult-- in fact, sprite art in general is hugely chall...


Tomb Raider: Lost Valley

I'm confused and afraid of what appears to be going on within the cblogs today, so I'm going to hide in my safe little corner of Dtoid and indulge in my favorite comfort food, classic TR. Lost Valley: BESTEST LEVEL EVER LV is one of t...


Making A Game: Beginning

Riorla, the main character-- her sprite looks like a little green bug right now, but I'm working on it! Some messy concept art follows. I can't recall if I've mentioned this in a previous blog, but I am working on a game: It's going to be...


NYCC Concludes: Loot and Randomness

Credit to Wilson for making such a beautiful display out of all my miscellaneous crap. This is what $140 buys you at NYCC, if you're me. I am cheating a bit because most of the actual comics were given to me for free by a friend of mine,...


NY Comic Con: Wii is Teddy Ruxpin, DLC is WTF

In a statement that he immediately admitted was going to come back to haunt him, Bethesda's Todd Howard quipped that he viewed the Wii not as competition, but "Like Teddy Ruxpin, or a Cabbage Patch Kid." The Fallout 3 producer echoed re...


Review: The Blackwell Legacy

The main story involves Rosa and Joey investigating a young NYU student's suicide. The beautiful artwork throughout is one of many motivators to solve the mystery. A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about The Blackwell Legacy, sinc...


Samurai Drawing

For Yoj1mbo-- I think I probably messed up in that he wanted a strong, manly samurai, and I kind of made a teeny lil' girly samurai, but what can you do. I'm working on an actual blog post, but I figured I'd post this as long as it was d...


Fan Art: Yep it's more Lara

I don't know what it is with me and digital coloring, but whenever I color a picture lately I inevitably end up regretting it. I drew this picture of Lara a few weeks ago and thought "Hmm, might look good colored", and only realized afte...


RPG Round-Up

Venus Love-Me Bubble Beam! I like MS Paint. Yeah it's hard to make anything that looks that great, but that's kind of the fun of it: You know there's no point in trying to be a perfectionist, so you end up just trying to get the general ...


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Because I occasionally think about things other than games (I know-- for shame!)
Currently doing a 20-year history of Nine Inch Nails, because apparently I don't have enough projects that are HUGE TIME-SUCKING MONSTERS. Anyway, I try to keep anything that's videogames-related on Gaming Goddess, but there's a little bit of inevitable crossover.

My graphic novel, Sterling
There is some videogame-related stuff in Sterling, particularly Final Fantasy, but that's not really the focus. Meant for adults, so don't say I didn't warn you:).

My Twitter I'm very conscious of twitter-spamming, so I try to tweet only when I update one of my blogs or comics. Some people can get away with constantly tweeting charming little witticisms and it's neat, but I think if you have any interest in my twitter at all, it should be useful, never a nuisance.

About the name Gaming Goddess: No, I do not have delusions of grandeur! At least, not about games!
The origin of GG is this: My boyfriend's Mom is REALLY good at Space Invaders and games like that, leading me to dub her the "8-bit Goddess". We decided that 8-bit Goddess would be a really good name for the gaming blog that I wanted to start, except it would be false advertising since I personally suck at 8-bit games. So I changed it to the more general Gaming Goddess-- so I'm good at some type of games, I just don't have to specify which ones:).

Of course, if my boyfriend's awesome mom wants to start a blog, she can be the 8-bit Goddess, and I will bow to her in humble submission.

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Currently Playing:
I have decided to change this section to only what is in my consoles AT THE MOMENT as opposed to every game I'm technically in the middle of. Accuracy FTW.

DSi: Final Fantasy IV (It's amazing! Why did I wait so long?)
DS: ARMY OF MOOGLES, I mean, Final Fantasy VI
PS2: Odin Sphere
PSOne: Azure Dreams, Parasite Eve, Tomb Raider

Latest Fan Art:

Yeah, something new! Rydia's cool, people complain about the graphics in the new DS version of FFIV but I love the way the characters look...well, except for Rosa. The girl could use pants.

About Me:
I'm a starving artist/freelance writer/comic book artist/insert other vocation that makes very little money. If you're on Destructoid, chances are I am older than you. That kind of pisses me off.

Anyway, I'm working on some projects that I think might be of interest to some Dtoid readers, but I think I'll keep most of that stuff in my profile section, so the Cblogs won't be taken up with self-promotional posts from me. I'll add the info to my profile when I start my new comic and things like that.