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[Dino in Gaming #4] It's T-Rex Time!


As intimidating as it was deadly, the monstrous Tyrannosaurus was the king of the prehistoric predators. Weighing as much as an elephant and two to three times the size of an average human being, the Tyrannosaurus ruled the ruthless lands of the past with few rivals. Any challengers would be met with a ferocious and large bite that could tear into even the toughest of hides. Heavily depicted in movies, books and other forms of pop culture, the Tyrannosaurus is a cultural icon, sparking the imagination of children and adults alike, fueling their wonderment of what an encounter with one of these titans would be like. Luckily, in video games, we can attempt to simulate what a face-to-face meeting would be like.

"SUE in the Flesh" at The Field Museum

In my favorite dinosaur game, ARK: Survival Evolved, players arrive in an unknown land with nothing but the clothes on their bodies, hoping to have enough grit and ingenuity to withstand the hostile conditions and settle the new environment. Dinosaurs are plentiful in this new territory and players will have to navigate through their new co-inhabitants, avoid predators while domesticating the more docile creatures. After some time gathering, building, and exploring, players will eventually make their first encounter with Tyrannosaurus and finally behold the king in all its glory. However, players will not want to take too long admiring the apex predator, because if not careful, they may end up its next meal. Highly aggressive, Tyrannosaurus will attack most living creatures in sight aside from other apex predators.

A Rider and his T-Rex

If daring and clever enough, a player may attempt to tame this gigantic carnivore but will need to be carefully prepared for the daunting encounter. Rexes often need to be trapped or lured in some way before using tranquilizing arrows to finally subdue the beast. Once tamed, the Tyrannosaurus becomes a valuable ally for any player. In combat, these dinosaurs pack quite the punch and have high health as well. Players may also use them as effective meat gathering creatures, often slaying several dinosaurs during these runs to harvest enough meat to feed most of your tribe. Once part of your tribe, players will no longer need to be scared of what lies in wait. Because once you've dethroned the King, what else is there to fear.

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