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The Destiny 2 Content Vault - The good and the bad


First of all: thank you for the very warm welcome! With how the gaming community can very often be i didn't expect such a positive response <3

So while the next expansion of Destiny 2 named Beyond Light is generally looking really good especially with a new element being added for the first time in franchise's history, there's one thing that has been pretty controversial.

With the release of Beyond Light, Bungie will introduce something called a "Content Vault", which will remove 4 planets from the game. This is motivated the the desire to make the game less bloated and that the content being vaulted was done by a tiny fraction of the player base. I wanna share some quick thoughts about this, since I'm personally somewhere in the middle on this topic.

Let's start with the good things. It is indeed true that Destiny 2 as it is now is already massive both in terms of content and especially disc space. Endlessly adding more and more would only make it become more and more of a Behemoth. I personally think that many games nowadays are too damn big when it comes to disc space (anything over 100 GB is too much imo and I feel like most devs do a bad job at compressing games but that's a topic for another time). And with games getting bigger and bigger while the new consoles are getting slightly smaller storage due to a switch to SSD, it feels like a smart move to balance the game size out.

The second positive with this in my opinion is the fact that the vaulting is... actually implemented into the story. Yeah.. the planets that are being vaulted are the planets that are currently under siege from the pyramid ships and one of our quests for this seasons is to evacuate people from said planets. Making those planets canonically inaccessible is actually pretty dang cools.

Lastly, and this is not confirmed or anything, but maybe this can also lead to improvements in terms of balancing, patches etc.? I guess we will wait and see.

Now let's go over to the bad stuff. While the idea of planets being inaccessible due to canon reasons is cool, the fact remains that a pretty big portion of the game will now be completely gone, including the entire original campaign of Destiny 2. While statistically many people don't do that content anymore, this is still kinda as if Final Fantasy XIV suddenly decided to remove the entire ARR save for Mor Dhona and Coerthas. And without any other way to experience those things, that part of the game will be lost forever (until unvaulted).

Secondly, while I personally don't really care, I can actually understand why some people can feel that Bungie is taking away something that people previously paid for.

So it's a kinda complicated and divisive thing and I guess the only thing we can really do is to wait and see how all of this plays out. Meanwhile during the extended season I'll likely try to get all the to-be-vaulted content done. What are your thoughts on the Content Vault? Yay, nay or somewhere in-between?

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