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The Forgotten

One of my newest rituals in life is to go thrift store shopping searching, for furniture and other relics. I really have my wife to thank for getting me into thrift store shopping, because at one point in my life I found it to be boring. I...


Post PAX!

After a nine-hour bus trip back to DC from Boston at 10:00PM I was so happy to see my wife passed out in bed. The calls from her every night around eleven made me miss what was going on back in DC, and yes, I got teary-eyed at one point. Ev...


PAX Prep

Just as Christians and Jews have Jerusalem and Muslims have Mecca, gamers have PAX. This will be my first trip to the holy land of gaming conventions, where gamers can just be gamers. My journey will start next week on Thursday morning at ...


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Back in the 1987 a bastard child was born. His name was Jacob and since then he has been gaming and leaving angry remarks at the world. A Virginia native who can only beat his head in as he feels caught between a "Hardcore" and "Casual" gaming world.