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Thinking on my last post, my feelings on modern Disney keep changing. Ignoring Pixar, Moana, Tangled, Wreck Ralph, and Zootopia were probably my 4 favorite 'modern' Disney films. Ralph for it's plot, the other three for characters alone. Everyone else?


Zootopia is still as good in 2021 as it was when I first saw it. Definetly my favorite recent Disney film. Though to be fair I haven't seen Raya yet.


I've been watching a couple of Disney cartoons now that I have Disney Plus. So far the ones I've enjoyed most are Tailspin and Big Hero 6, surprisingly. Darkwing Duck has been a little blah, does it get better overtime? Hope everyone's having a good day!


Recently gotten into the world of Kamen Rider. Also found out there is apparently an entire day dedicated to celebrating one of the franchises most hated characters, 9/13. Not sure what that says about Kaixa, or the fandom. But I find it kinda funny. :/


It's depressing to see Pioneers of Olive Town launch with so many issues. I hope it gets patched, cause I feel like it could be something special. Despite what some people think, there is room for SoS and RF, in a post Stardew world.


The thought process of studio executives will always confuse me. "Hm yes. We have a fun cartoon about fairies aimed at young children, but with a few mature plot points here and there. I know-we'll turn it into a gritty teen drama on Netflix, brilliant


So we all have a story of the time our parents never let us play a game cause it was too mature. But anyone else have an example of the opposite? My parents refused to let me play a Harvest Moon game because it was 'too childish' looking. Still sticks


After a conversation with my friends, I've grown curious enough about Space Runaway Ideon that I actually want to check it out. Anyone have some advice on finding a decent, legal way to watch it?


So I downloaded Borderlands the Legendary Collection for Switch. Failing to realize Gearbox had made Borderlands 2 completely unplayable via a recent patch, GG.


To my delight, Funimation has recently added several Gundam shows to it's streaming service. Sure two of them are Seed and Seed Destiny, but I now have a convenient way to watch the original MSG, which is a pretty big deal for me, personally.


Alright, that new Avengers content seems promising. It won't outright fix the game, but it seems like a good start. Knowing the next two villains is promising, let's hope the game can pull a NMS and recover.


Question for today, do you have a fond memory of a series you watched/played out of order? I saw Mazinkaiser before anything else Mazinger related. But thanks to it, I got into the world of super robots. (Still need a way to watch GaoGaiGar though.)


I've been watching the battle between Shin Getter Robo and the Metal Beast Dragon almost non-stop since yesterday. Even if I can't speak Japanese, it's just so good... Now if only I knew where to start with watching Getter Robo ;-;


Playing My Time At Portia now. I will have to take notes, I'm only on day 3 and I already have a LOT to say about it. It's a fun game but, it's kinda giving me a feeling of anxiety due to how quickly your thrown into it.


I rarely binge shows to completion nowadays, but between it's short length and excellent writing, BNA was just a fun time all the way through. Holding out hope Netflix and Trigger do a second season!


Having not watched Gundam Seed, I'm still surprised that in SRW, and the Dynasty Warriors Gundam Games, every other protagonist seems to think Kira is a moron.(Well at least in SRW, in DW, I remember Ramba Ral mocked his idealism.)


Hypothetical Question-watching Re:Zero, how much suffering should I expect?


you ever drop off something you love because of someone else? My friend kept obsessing over Cold Steel, spoiling me, never letting me enjoy other stuff... I don't think I'll be going back to CS2 for a while. Anyone have a similar experience in general?


I'm debating doing Leon's campaign today in 2make. But I think watching the elections in my country is enough fear and panic for one day. So I might just hard focus on season 7 of Apex.


Thanks to a little Halloween gift, I'm debating between grabbing RE1 on Switch, or Rev2. I own 2-4 on PS4, but I hear RE1 has some atrocious load times on Switch. I've seen mixed opinions on Rev2 though.


Been playing Legacy of the Duelist on Switch. It's fun to have 6 generations of Yugioh in one game, but some of the AI matches are really frustrating for me. (Yusei vs Tanner is giving me a LOT of problems) still, nice way to get back into the franchise.


Next year, I'm getting a new Story of Seasons, a new Rune Factory. and Falcom announcing Trails ports for Switch gives me renewed hope for an official Zero/Ao Translation. Just those 3 games alone have made me excited for 2021, even more then next gen.


Alright, I burned myself out on rpgs from playing CS1-2 almost non stop. Got to Legram in CS2, and I need a break. I'll be trying the Fo76 free trial, and playing Apex/OW for a while to let my brain reset.


So I'm still playing Cold Steel 2, still super early. I'm gonna take notes this time so I can write a proper review, as opposed to the CS1 review I'm doing for writing practice. Also, anyone remember Xenogears' oddly fleshed out action mech combat?


Just finished Cold Steel 1. My heart! I promised I'd take a break before jumping into 2 to avoid burnout. But that ending, I feel like I have to jump in right away! ;-;


This past week has literally been me telling myself to be productive, only for Cold Steel to keep dragging me back. ;-;


Does anyone know what my best alternative for charging my PS vita is? I lost my charger, and Sony isn't selling new ones. But most of the Amazon listings are for 1000 chargers. And I don't know if my version is 1000 or 2000.


Playing Cold Steel, I finish the Chapter 3 practical exam without issue. Then my PS4 crashes and I have to do the fight again. Except this time, the enemies are all just standing far away spamming me with arts. I still won, but it wasn't as fun.


Congrats to Minecraft fans for getting into Smash! I'm still holding out hope for a Falcom rep (likely Estelle, Lloyd's game isn't localized officially and Rean/Adol would reawaken the sword controversy) but for now,once again my congrats!


General Avengers Question: do you all think the PS4 exclusive character controversy wouldn't have been as severe if they'd announced Venom was the exclusive, instead of Spiderman? Or would the level of controversy have been the exact same?


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