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P2, Press Start: A little more... PERFECT!

Hello, readers. I'm up kinda late up here in Australia and I'm about to go on camping so I figured now would be a good time to do this. Anyway I was never one of those outgoing and friendly kind of people, I kept mostly to myself and as such never really experienced player 2 modes that much. But I've dabbled in them, so here a couple of stories, anecdotes if you will I hope you find interesting.

I think I was like 8 at the time and I was being dragged to a birthday party for my sister's friends, needless to say I was bored and the power of handhelds went really enticing, so I was in an arcade and I was bored to tears. Lemme repeat that.
I was in a arcade and I was bored.
So I tried to talk and socialize, let's leave it at the fact that it didn't end well, but then I was walking past a game cabinet and I saw House of The Dead 2, and I was so densitised by the violence shown on the screen, I got a gun and started shooting people, Ioved the realistic graphics and sounds... Now read the rest of my horrifying tale beyond the jump.

You, sir, have been muslimed!

Anyway I decided to play it and being 8 I could barely lift the light guns, let alone shoot them, so I was killed in seconds. Then I realised I had a audience, it was the birthday girl's brother, who was about the same age, I pushed him away because I don't like people (It's a long and annoying story), but the guy bribed me, he had enough for me AND him to play. We didn't last long, but it was really fun to play with someone else, something that I thought was impossible.

We didn't have anymore money, but we rushed out of the cabinet and to our parents, grabbing any money we could, we were like friggin' vultures! Then for the next 4 hours we got our asses kicked, but we weren't caring, we were just shooting stuff, although we didn't know that we were shooting stuff.


Skip ahead a couple of years and the PlayStation 2 comes out, I get Devil May Cry, which I covered in another MM, but then I got Timesplitters 2, which pretty much advertised 4 player and multiplayer in general. So me and my bro fire it up and get ready to take on 2 player, which was pretty hectic and fast not to mention!

Anyway that doesn't really matter, when I went on the anual trip to Melbourne to vist the relatives my bro couldn't play, so I was stuck playing by myself, which I eventually got bored of, then B, my cousin, comes in and asks what I'm playing, I pushed him away, but I didn't do it politely (LOOOOOOOONG STORY), then he picked up the controller and asked me for 2 player, since I was bored as hell i obliged & we proceeded to blast through the campaign and abuse the custom matches and eventually I started to trust him again, also it turns out that the reason I mistrusted him was something I made up... So, yeah...

The second controller has been something that usually glared upon me about how I was friendless (insecurity issues central, people! Also cheesy ending coming up!), but when I finally got a random person, my bro and my cousin to play a friendly game with me, well I told the then warm second controller to shove it, it finally got some use!

Take that you teasing mechanical thing!
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