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Gaming fatigue

I cant. I just cant seem to get into games anymore. I dont know what it is. Maybe im just getting too old for games is that it? Or perhaps all the games that are currently out or coming out just dont interest me. Is this a stage in a gamers...


Frostbite 2 engine and life post

Hey Dtoid community sorry i havent been posting. Ive been busy finishing up my first year of college. I also acquired a job for the summer helping in a landscaping business. Ill start finishing the post that i have started soon and hope to ...


A time long gone

Everyone in some point in their life yearns for something they once had. Whether itís a person they were once close with, a lost loved one or simply some food they havenít had in a long time. For me the thing I long for is free time. I no...


Hello Destructoid community.(Now with about me!)

Finally im writing something. I joined recently but have been viewing this site quite frequently for about 2 years. I hope to be able to write cool features about games i think are cool and write some cool stuff about music in videogame. Th...


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