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Okay, okay, so the New Xbox Experience is pretty cool. I know it's only the first day that it's available but it's really quite buggy.

When I try to browse the videos available on the marketplace it takes soooooooo long for something to come up. The old way might have been less attractive than the new cover-flow like way of viewing content but I just wanna see what the fuck is available quickly. I've even gotten some kind of error code a few times today while browsing.

What annoys me the most, though, is that the new way in which you see who's online has frozen my 360 TWICE. If the 360 can't handle a shit-ton of moving avatars and always changing parties, then why the hell should that be the main way to view your friends? I guess I'll just try to avoid it by pressing the guide button until they can get it running smoothly.

Unless, of course all of this is just happening to me...
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