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Because I am weak and its directly aimed at me, I broke and put down a deposit for a steam deck. Guess we'll see where I'm at when its ready to ship out.


Todays the day, Daughters gang. Let's fucking GOOOOOOO


Today I learned that some cheeky fuckers named a bacteria from my favorite bacterium's genus "Myxococcus llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogochensis" and I found this amusing.


Another Telepurte animation appears, and its probably one of the more amusing ones hes done in my estimation-its also kinda nsfw and has audio so use discretion.


Accurate summation of the upcoming phase of my research with proteins.


Theneedledrop did an interview with Alexis Marshall (frontman of Daughters) and apparently hes got some music of his own a comin out and it sounds...very interesting lol. If you're a fan o daughters might be worth a looksie.


Yeah that Steam Deck looks cool and like a thing I want. As soon as more pressing financial obligations (and dumb purchases made impulsively) are taken care of I think I'll acquire one, if folks like em.


So yeah, Divinity Original Sin 2 is pretty good so far. Has its irritations but the voice acting is pretty good, writing is fun and it has a lot of ways to get to the same result. Plus the elemental dynamics are pretty slick.


Beat Metroid Samus Zero Mission. Undeniable classic. Fantastic art, great music, great sound design, great background design. Lovely.


Metroid Fusion down. Its aged well, IMO-has a lot of good designs, music, and some good level ideas. It was my first metroid and it was very nostalgic to go through it again.


Played sea of thieves. Collected treasure. Got in a drawn out fight against a sloop that kept pestering our galley, then we crashed and got stuck and had to fight off its crew on our burning galley. Eventually prevailed. Exhausting.


Questions, for you. What is your favorite Metroid game and why? Additionally what was your first metroid. If you're not big into Metroid, then why are you the way you are, but feel free to replace Metroid with your fav Nintendo franchise you monster.


Beat Ace Combat 7: The Torres DLC. And yeah, pretty good! He was a fun character and overall the missions were fun.


Beat Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknowns main story. The story is relatively dumb but its a darn fun game and it has some pretty good set pieces. Lookin forward to trying the DLC.


Decided to purchase Ace Combat 7. Inspired by an airshow, and a curiosity about a franchise I've never touched.


So, mordid curiosity question. Whats a game that you love or loved that really wowed you or changed your perception of what games or a series of games could be in a positive way,and how did it do that.


#fishfriday and a happy (late) birthday to gundy, the best purveyor of lewd friends anyone could ask for.


Today, I got news of a new Metroid that's a sequel to my first Metroid game and I got a commission from my favorite artist whose commissions opened for literally a few minutes before snapping shut. Its been a good day.




Drank a lot with my dad last night. Got a hangover today. Went out and watched military airplanes fly around. Its been an interesting weekend so far.


Apparently Salt and Sanctuary 2 is gonna be a thing-Salt and Sacrifice. I'd like more salt and sanctuary so I'm down whenever its out (turns out it is coming to PC)


So yeah, No Mans Sky is a good time so far. Been fun explorin, and making my way towards that dang living ship.


Welp, found out No Mans Sky has living ships. So now I own it. Also it was on sale.


Beat Pillars of Eternity. Overall I enjoyed and had a good time with it, though I muse on if I would have enjoyed it more on easy mode combatwise. Regardless yeah I had a good time and eventually I'll probably grab Deadfire.


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