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Three more days to go, and I'll be done with my last academic semester of college-probably one more semester of research after the summer and I'll be set for my grad degree if things go well.


Beat Dusk. Pretty good game overall! Good soundtrack, fun levels and enemies, interesting concepts.


So Dusk is pretty fun. Good atmosphere and music, fun gameplay so far.


Creeping closer and closer to the end of Darkest Dungeon. Have a good roster of champions and I'm preparing to assault the Darkest Dungeon for the first time. Gonna see if I can manage to finally beat this game after losing steam with it the first time.


I have received my second shot. And with that, in a week or two, I can now go to bars and social settings more safely while keeping my distance and wearing a mask. Feels good man, though we'll see if the side effects make me feel real shitty.


Someday I should write like. A blog or something, again.


Bought and started vermintide 2 with friends tonight. Is a good time.


To occams, a salutation on the anniversary of the day when your parasitic biomass separated and was forcefully ejected from the flesh of one of your progenitors, to the a cold world of dirt and air rather than flesh and liquid.


Welp, beat the current final boss of valheim. Been a fun time, lookin forward to whatever's next.


Someone posted the audio of this, but the animated version right here is good stuff.


Since the Paperback Paradise things are coming up, I might as well share this before it can be used against me.


Beat Sunset Overdrive. Solid game-the traversal is definitely the star of the show and I can imagine it had a good influence on Spidermans traversal.


Its Pac Man day. So I'll throw this out here.


Saw Sunset Overdrive on deep discount and decided to grab it after years of mild curiosity. So far, enjoyable and dumb-its a little too strong with its winking to the camera or jokes sometimes but generally fun. Reminds me of infamous kinda.


Beat Disco Elysium. Hell of a game. Hell of a game. Can highly recommend it.


So. Shocking revelation: Disco Elysium is a very good CRPG and its a game seemingly aimed right at what I like out of a setting, writing, and gameplay style as well as a lovely and funny dialogue system. Glad I waited for voice acting too, its great.


Started Disco Elysium, as I assumed it would be a game I liked given what I've seen, heard, and me being me. Its...very bizzare so far, in a good way. And yes I retrieved the tie.


Please let it be noted that the quorum does not approve of the board or the council, and will be seeking to dissolve them using various macromolecules released from our collective biomass in the near future. Thank you for your patience.


Welp. Got my first shot of the Covid Vaccine, so I'm that much closer to being immunized. Feels good.


Beat The Surge 2. Pretty enjoyable game overall! Has its flaws but I had a good time and I'm looking forward to seeing whats next from them.


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