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Streaming: Staring me, Dinosir and Limo! Watch as we Minecraft and build random shit for no real reason before dino destroys it all!


Gots a new blog up about history in games and my own sordid, obsessive, amna-esque love affair with history. Read it, before the sands of time consign it to the past as they will with all works of man someday. Bump.


As always, discord has a fruitful abundance of quotables and statements to haunt your nightmares until death and even then you might not be freed of their burden.


MMMMMMmmmm. I think its time to play some more Mario Odyssey and do not much more of merit. Also going to see about making some more sourdough pizza dough this weekend, that shit is great.


Spla2oon is indeed a fun time so far, and now that I have better kit it should be an even more funner time. Not regretting me purchase so far.


Was too busy faffing about with limo last night-thanks for participating/the compliments btw-to say it yesterday but happy birthday destructoid. I've been here a few years now and its been an absolutely wonderful time with the best community round.


Hey its me playing Warframe and also limo is there to share his disgusting beautiful british accent. Link below you fuckers! Also, as a side note-if you haven't subscribed I'd appreciate it as I too am trying to get to affiliate.


Can this fucking horrible week be over yet. Because it just keeps piling on the shit and I'm getting real tired of it.


This has been a non-stop hellish week in my work world and its only wednesday. Bleh.


Yeah I'm liking the switch. Definitely has some issues and quirks-need a metroid theme stat guys-but gosh dang if it ain't a lovely system with some neat features and a good feel to it. Also Marios very swell so far, having a good time.


WELP, finally went out and got a switch. Guess I'll put this thing through its paces and see how I like it with that there Mario Odyssey.


Welp I think I've successfully burned myself out on MHW after I successfully burned myself out on Warframe. Going to try and see if I can limit myself and maybe just write or play other things for a bit till I feel like going back to MHW.


An accurate summation of my night watching Garzi shit. Thanks scruff. Thanks.


Today's blog from yours truly contains twice the lethal dose of science, meaning that unless you're using the protection of science learning it'll send your mortal coil careening off into black abyss of what lies beyond. One bump and then the shill ends.


Streaming some Monster Hunter World as I attempt to get a full Odogaron set and maybe try to defeat Nergigante. Maybe. Link below.


Welp MHW has roped me back in hard. Everytime I muse on the game, despite some issues of mine particularly with the online, I really find myself fonder of it as it goes on. Might be my GOTY if nothing upstages it, which may prove a hefty task.


Even though I missed the actual days I'll take the time to say happy birthday to Limo and Vxxy. Both agreeable fellows, good to have around this place.


I also like Occams, hes a good egg. And I too don't know why he's being celebrated. But hey, no real problem rolling with it and also posting something mildly disturbing or weird in his honor.


As you may see now before your eyes, a new blogcast is up. If limos staggering incompetence doesn't derail the podcast yet again-listen to it before you judge me mean-we'll see about keeping this beweekly thing going.


Beat Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice. Despite some problems and some pacing stuff earlier on it did grow on me and I liked it overall. Some excellent visuals, some stand-out audio design and pretty good writing/voice acting smooth over the cracks.


Going to do some streamin of Hellblade, feel free to watch if you want. Link below.


Looks like the ESRBs going to start labeling physical boxes if games have transactions. The rest of their statement indicates they still need pushing-some stupid stuff in it-but it looks like theres heat enough to start the ball rolling if nothing else.


Watched Batman and Robin tonight and it was amusing enough to laugh at, and then saw Kung Fury which was great. Not a bad time.


Streaming some....minecraft. Limo made me do it and is playing with me. Watch as he destroys me self confidence and tortures me yet lures me back everytime with his sexy voice. I wish I was strong enough to just say no.


Yeah so far Leather Teeth is a thing I'm rather enjoying. Carpenter Bruts probably my favorite muscian of his genre and this ones keeping him in his top spot.


Limo convinced me to buy Minecraft on PS4 and while I was a bit hesitant at first I caved. We then spent the better part of 3 hours building a house with a farm and beach walk up. This games magical.


New Carpenter Brut music? Don't mind if I do.


Today I finally wrote something for bloggers wanted. Going to keep trying to keep a consistent blog/podcast alternation going to give myself myself some brain excercise and feed the seething masses some of my brain fruiting bodies.


Tried Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice after buying it saturday. Hrmmm. Definitely an interesting game in some regards, need to keep mulling it over and beat it before I say anything definitive. Also, the surround sound headphones are paying dividends. Nixon.


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