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Won the contest for Prodeus (big thanks to Mike!) and I'm both happy and mad. Happy that I got it because it feels really good and so far its more satisfying than DOOME was for me. And mad because I hit the end of the EA content and I WANT MOREEEEEE


As the end of the year draws close, it occurs to me I should really get around to putting together my GOTY list. Dunno if I'll be playing any more new games this year.


Just got my thesis proposal meeting done. Lot to fix and do, but they said it was in a good place and the experiments were good. Just gotta crack away at this thing and get it back to them for approval. Tired.


After the craziness of Thanksgiving, took a little time to make some pizza dough and chocolate chip cookies. Felt good to do a little baking again.


Merry Christmas everyone. Let the padoru tide wash in.


Played Star Wars Pod Racer a lot as a kid and had a lotta fun with it back on the N64. Grabbed it on switch and yeah, its still a darn good time. Think I'll try to beat it after all this time.


Last night mistakes were made as regards the amount of alcohol imbibed. The resulting hangover is the worst I've ever had, so twas quite an experience. Also in unrelated news, beat phase 1 of fatalis. Closer and closer to beating the final boss of MHW


With the Demons Souls remake out and about and many thoughts on it in my mind, I do muse on the nature of a remake, what it should be, etc. Might write a blog about that topic if I can get my lazy ass in gear.


Welp, after two runs we've successfully gotten what we could outta my brothers apartment after it started on fire. His place didn't burn but the waterlogged roof insulation ruined a lot. Still noone died so its not as bad as it coulda been.


Wonder if I should give the original Demons another run. I'd have to dig out the ps3 and hook it up, but all the talk of the remake has kinda made me wanna run through it again (especially since I'm not so hot on elements of the remake). Maybe. Maybe.


I'd be happy with Samus Returns coming to switch if the rumours true-I won't say its the best of the lot but I enjoyed it and seeing it on a stronger system where it might hit a bigger audience is a-ok. Now port the rest to switch please-except OM/FF


It would seem that, unless things change dramatically, one of the lowest bars imaginable has been dragged over by America. Still a few places to be decided that would help shore it up, but I'm hopeful this holds and we can finally try to start mending.


Surprisingly I enjoyed this song and Parasite Eve from BMTH which feels...odd since normally this is a genre I don't click with at all. I'll just blame Mick Gordon. And....maybe I'll listen to the full album. Maybe.


Also Happy Birthday Scruff, you're a good egg and your art/edits never cease to amuse me


Few days ago I beat Yakuza Kiwami 2. And yeah I thought it was pretty good-overall 0 is still my favorite and I doubt it'll be usurped but I had a lot more fun with 2 than 1 and I enjoyed the combat a fair bit. Will probably grab the other games in time


Happy Birthday Chris. You're good people, hope todays a good one for you. Have a fish.


Made some pizza last night and it turned out swell. Fermenting it for a week or two was a beneficial step.


Today its important to remember whats truly important. Please watch this video and make sure to keep that in mind, especially on this historic day.


Finished Ghostrunner, and yeah its real good. It has some problems and needs some tightening and polishing, but it feels great to play especially when you settle into the rhythm and how to move best. And I hunger for more.


Last night was a fun halloween time. We watched Chopping Mall, Vampire Assassin, and Scary Godmother. Very spooky night.


Happy Halloween folks. Its a lovely holiday so gorge yourself on candy and booze. And get spoooooooky.


Welp, Gonna stream some of that there Ghostrunner and put it through its paces. Looking forward to it. Again


Yeah Ghostrunners pretty good. Still getting to grips with how it plays and feels, but so far its a fun time and I always love some well done first person parkour.


I need Ghostrunner right now. Just two more days to wait before I get to zip around and slice people up with a samurai sword.


The more I play Yakuza Kiwami 2, the more I'm liking it. Need to keep unlocking stuff and trying to get better at it, but I feel like I'm getting the hang of the combat abd pulling off more complex stuff.


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