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Decided to try some Thai Red Curry. Grabbed the ingredients I needed (I'm not making homemade paste till I figure out if this is a thing I like and can make a few times) as well as tofu to serve as the meat. So I guess we'll see how this go.


MR 92. So close to 100, and finally being able to tackle Arch Nami


God all the infested warframe stuff looks sooooo gooooood. August 25th can't come soon enough.


The new warframe stuff is infestation focused. The few snippets I've seen look soooooo gooood. I want it alllll.


Started Bug Fables. Charming as heck so far. Also drank a stout made with ancho chillies, cacao etc. Was a good beer.


Almost to MR 80 in MHW, 20 more and then I get to fight Arch-Nami and get her sweet sweet armor. Wish they dropped the grind a bit at this stage, its taking a while but eh the games still damn good so I can deal with it.


Welp, theres me DOOME blog up. Its a long rambly one, but eh if you're interested its there for perusal. A bump.


Welp. Finally decided to finish that blog about that game, so that'll be out tomorrow. Its a long one. Gonna try to keep writin as well, so we'll see how that goes.


I really like Myxococcus xanthus. That is all.


Man, how about that there atlus presentation for those jrpgs we're all intimately knowledgeable about amirite?


Mmm. Been chewing away at lab work on campus for the past two months and things are on the upswing in terms of progress. Got the right plasmid this time, so we should be able to put it into our myxos and do an assay.


Decided to start Shadow Warrior 2. I've had it for free for a while but I never got round to it and I had heard some grumbling about it. So far, enjoying it-gameplays fun and I like the aesthetics. We'll see how it go going forward.


After being prompted into reading into the background of Ghost of Tsushima (rather, the historical timeframe and invasions it deals with) I now understand the name and am somewhat more interested in the game proper. Been blind on it for the most part.


Protip: Ensure you properly check your home baked goods before biting into them only to see the fungus before its too late, causing involuntary vomiting. Also keep your half baguettes out of goldendoodle range.


Fresh basil is now a requirement for pizza making. Lovely addition, just gotta keep my basil plant healthy and happy.


No but for real Game Idea: An FPS parkour game in an open world giant forest with some good gunplay and melee combat


Mmmm. Shadow Warrior 3 is giving me DOOME vibes. Hopefully it does things better than DOOME did. Guess we'll see.


Its so odd to me to see the slow trickle of articles trying to justify a 70 dollar price tag for games that seem to lack any awareness of how big games publishers operate and why 70 dollars isn't magically going to change how they run.


Hey everybody. I'm unaware of whether or not this has been shared here yet, but I'm going to do it anyways. Prins, being an excellent person started a recipe swap on the forums. I'll link it in the comments. Bump part 3 the final chapter


I have made butter and buttermilk. Lovely lovely, gotta thank weatherboi for doing it first and sharing the babish vid showing how to do it. Excited to try it.


After playing enough Dark Souls 2 SotFS edition, I've warmed to the game more than I thought I would. I still have a lot of the same issues as I did with the original and the opening areas are kinda weak imo, but I'm gelling with the game more this time.


Finally started up a new kombucha starter and I'm also letting some heavy whipping cream ferment via yogurt bacteria to make butter/buttermilk at Amnas prompting. Getting back in the swing of fermentation.


Streaming some DS2: Scholar of the first sin. So join me if you want. Or don't. Or do. Or don't.....or do.


Welp. After waiting for a long while I've decided to finally grab Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the first sin. I've never played it or the dlc so I figure I'll give it a fair shake and see if it shifts my opinion of Dark Souls 2 at all.


After replaying Minervas Den (Bioshock 2 dlc) I've warmed up even more to it. Its not perfect but its a good story with some fun concepts and I think its probably better than the mainline story overall.


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