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Goin' to the _dogs


Ubisoft has made some good games in the past, and perhaps in the future and they have some of the most interesting games out there for a big AAA.

Thank god for that, by the way.

But they do tend to fuck up, a lot.
And sometimes, they're so rock-fuck stupid that it drives me crazy. They mishandle PC ports consistently, especially for Assassins creed, and they bait fans with promises of franchise continuation while knowing they will most likely never make a new iteration, see Beyond Good and Evil 2. And now this. Watch_dogs is having some good financial success, selling around 4 million copies around its launch, and that upsets me because now I cannot get excited for anything they show, because of fears that they are lying their asses off to us. But I digress, let me build my case, and show you why I feel this way, should you not be sure why I am upset.

Get it, get it? Cause building with legos, and....also because its a really cool legos....

E3 Lies
Colonial Marines, Dark Souls 2, Watch_Dogs, that one Killzone 2 trailer-what do they have in common?

Well the fact that they lied in initial trailers as to the games graphical fidelity. All these games showed game-play at their respective E3 conferences, yet they later turned out to be lying. And yes, while Watch_Dogs and Dark Souls 2 look pretty good, as well as Killzone 2 but less so because not PC, they don't look nearly as good as advertised. They promised more than they could deliver, and if it had been only on console I could've understood, but as someone who bought Dark Souls 2 for PC can tell you, this is not the case.

It's not a secret that most if not all companies use high end PC's to show graphics off, even for system exclusives. It is simply a more powerful machine, and I am willing to admit that I can see why they do this. Even if it is for console, you want it to look the best it can and the only way to do that is to get it on a steroid cooled PC. But that's not my issue. You see, they get away with that because the human mind is a fickle thing, and won't remember that compared to the game on their system. Hell, even with the dramatic difference some people can't see the change in Watch_Dogs and Dark souls 2 without comparison. Colonial marines looked like shit and it was mainly a press show off thing so it was less in the public eye. But I understand, as anyone who plays a game from even a few years ago, like Infamous, looks better in our minds eye than in reality, sadly. So I'm going to link to a video, and if you think the graphics thing is not a big deal, watch the video and I guarantee you'll see the problem.

That's not the issue, the glaring problem with Watch_Dogs is that it was lied about, not that it looks bad. Had they not lied, I think it would have been less reviled for said deception, but a lot of people looked to this game as representative of the next gen, and looking at all those amazing graphics, with wind, rain, trash, wet coats, even as a PC gamer, perhaps somewhat foolishly, I was excited. But then all this crap happened, and it killed what excitement I had. The meh response it's been getting has killed the rest of the excitement. But then something happened. Something amazing. Something Rock-fucking-stupid amazing.

The Killer is in the house!
Again, this was understandable on consoles, but how could they think not even a really powerful PC could handle those graphics? It was assumed to be a lie, then, a vertical slice, a demo created to lie to us solely.
But it wasn't, as this man can eloquently tell you and better yet, show you with almost that level of graphics in his retail copy.

Others have said this as well, but the games final graphical state is not bad.
The files for that E3 trailer level of graphics were in the files. No mod was needed to be created, just some files to be teased out. It's not at the same level yet, but the person who discovered this is still working entirely within the files that came with the PC game.
And really, what more do I need to say? They lied about the game, were too incompetent or malicious to activate them on PC, perhaps to try and say the fact that consoles can't do that yet isn't so bad. We just don't know yet, but what we do know is that they crippled the PC versions graphical potential intentionally, and whatever the reason I am disgusted. They were too lazy to remove said files during the crippling of the PC version, and whatever the reason the game could have been that much better, the promise could have been meet, and they could've avoided the hate.
I don't buy that Sony and/or Microsoft paid them to cripple it. Lots of games come out and look a lot better on PC, and I don't think these two would ever cooperate on a venture like this. Singularly, I don't buy it either, because it seems too much a risk to convince gamers that their systems are the same power as the best PC's. Console gamers in the vast majority are not stupid, and they know their system can't compete with the most powerful PC's in the land, but there's a lot of reasons they don't buy PC. Very few expected better than PC, but they did expect better than the previous generation and for the most part they are getting that. So that's out. So why?

As of right now, I don't know. It seems that something rotten is going on, and I will update here as needed, but whatever the case Ubisofts stunning incompetence in removing said files or implementing them is clearly on display, and I advise you stay away from Watch_Dogs until this gets figured out. Let them know with your cash what you think of lying and then intentionally crippling one of the major gaming systems, and buy it for cheap on a steam sale in a couple of months or pirate it, as they seem to be so afraid you will do. They have continuously shown a lack of regard for PC, and therefore a decent chunk of their consumers and now that their little batch of lies has sold 4 million, they will see no reason to stop, I can guarantee. So watch carefully, because why not do this again, if the reward is 4 million games? Everything they show is subject to scrutiny, and if you trust it look at this and wait for their games to come out. Because they may just lie again, and they don't deserve your preorders. Or your money, for that matter, until they prove they deserve it.
The mod, for your perusal.



UPDATE: 10/7/14


And now we get a look behind the gears, and we see the rot. I had suspicions that something sketchy was going on, but now we have proof that they are not only not above lowering the parity on a better system, but that its also a matter of course. Honestly, this seems to be out of stupidity and laziness, and I think it was the same for Watch_Dogs. In case you didn't read that post, basically they kept the parity on both consoles the exact same because one (Xbox one) couldn't run as well as the other. Not for money, not for promotional deals. But to avoid the debate, and stuff. This is just brilliantly stupid, and though Ubisoft has released a PR bullshit comment, please take this for what it is. This is a company that supports a culture of laziness and stupidity and is more than willing to force an inferior product on consumers if its easier to do so. The irony of this gentlemens statements are that it is causing fierce discussion, and most of it isn't too peachy for Ubisoft. This company doesnt not deserve your support unless it earns it and hard. Wait for reviews, and if the reviews aren't perfect, wait til the price drops. Let Ubisoft know how you feel about being sold something that is not nearly as good as it could be becasue someone else bought something that is not nearly as good as your thing, and we don't want you to debate about it! 

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