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OPM Review has pissed me off royally

I have taken enough of this jackasses horrible reviews what follows is one of 3 fucking reviews that deserve bile from all who read it. please note the other reviews are for Ar Tonelico Qoga(4/10), and Hyperdimension Neptunia(3/10).

The Last Straw of my patience came from this review:
Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2
is this what you want
format PS3
Dev Compile Heart
Price $59.99
ESRB Mature
it's like: a fetishist's dream game.

Assessing Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2's entertainment value is tricky because it isn't being sold as a game, so much. It's more like an object of fetish appeal, and mocking a fetish just means you aren't into it. Do you get off on 12-year-olds with giant saucer eyes and C-cup breasts? If the answer is no, you won't care about this game. If it's yes, you won't care how bad this game is.

But we are, after all, professional game critics,and so we must point out that this isn't a good game. It's better than the original Neptunia, which was barely even finished. It has a functioning combat system and something approaching a proper game's worth of world content.Still,graphics engine is ages behind the curve, the battles and quests are a repetitive drag, and the script is an absolute wreck. For every good gag that occasionally comes along, there are a dozen that flop thanks to terrible editing or pointlessly dense in-jokiness.

So, once again, if you're into the cartoon 12-year-olds, adjust the score up a few points. Otherwise avert your eyes and move along.
David F. Smith

First of all the price is $49.99 not $59.99 you twit. Next having a 3 sentence review should not be counted as a review. The reason i say 3 sentences is due to the second paragraph being the only part of the review with relevant information starting from the 3 sentence. I wish i still had the original Neptuia and Ar Tonelico reviews but due to how long ago it was i threw out the Magazine that contained it but the reviews all have the same features with the Ar Tonelico one being baffling since the game is really good in my opinion(and apparently Dtoid with a 8/10), but heres a quote from Smith,"Either way, there's more titillation than fun in Qoga"(Metacritic) so apperently he can't get his mind out of the damn gutter to actually see a game for what it is.
Now to be fair i have only gotten to play this game for about 4 hours due to just getting it yesterday and my school schedule, but have gotten my characters to level 14 and gotten through a small amount of the story and while i will admit it is no where near as coherent(due to unfamiliar terms, sharicite is one such term that has been encountered) as say other RPGS it has yet to be a "absolute wreck", i have seen and read far worse. Now i am well aware that 4 hours does not make a review and that my opinion may change the further i go in. However since i remember his Neptunia one review is just about the same, lets look at a review of the first Neptunia that has substance:
The difference is how Dtoid's review and many others don't insult the audience of said game by calling them fucking Pedophiles. Seriously what the fuck gives you the right to even nearly equate pedophiles with people who like this game, which is what has been done here with the last line on the review and with the last sentence of the first paragraph, seriously go Fuck Yourself you asshole.
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