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How to Judge a Japanese H Game (and a few recommendations)

As I have only played the Visual Novel types i will only be talking about them.

The reason i am typing this is because Jim Sterling has reviewed a erotic VN I thought that I would type this little helper so that if you wish to play a erotic VN that you would at least know what your getting into.

First off remember hearing the term don't judge a book by its cover, well that does not hold here a general rule of thumb is that the cover of the game box is a good help in describing your experience. First if the box has more then 3 women on the front don't be expecting a deep story usually these tend to skew towards the Nukige or VNs that only focus on the sex at a cost to the story and gameplay. The cover to Boob Wars can be found here http://vndb.org/v4857 its NSFW so be warned it shows yet another sign of a game that is a Nukige and that is nudity on the box. The final warning sign of a Nukige is if the characters on the box are covered in any type of liquid such as We Love Master. Now that is not to say their are not exceptions to these rules its just very rare and it is also not to say some of these games are not funny to play through for instance Harem Time is a funny game with a good concept.

Now that you don't have a pure sex game and are looking at playing a game with substance its time to pick your game. Do you want a light hearted story, do you want a challenging game, or do you want both. For someone who is starting out playing these games let me stress that these games that i'm about to talk about and mention are the best of the ones i have played and that most of them do little to no hand holding and are crushingly hard to get the true ends and with that i give you my favorite VN is at the moment Yume Miru Kusari

These two images that are not in order are just part of one of the three stories in this game and is told so well that at the end it made me cry. However in order to get the three true ends you'll actually have to think a bit upon your actions. While this is not the hardest or longest of VNs it still remains my all time favorite for being the VN that made me laugh, cry, and get me into playing these wonderful games.

The next game I will recommend is the ever dark hell perhaps the darkest VN to ever get brought over stateside Kara No Shoujo

These two images are Kara No Shoujo the first is a wall paper the second is from the actual game. This game is the hardest VN i have ever played, if you go to the wrong spot you will get a bad end and the bad ends are gruesome, the game is a soul crushing experience in which you try and catch a serial killer and without spoiling anything the game gets dark and hopeless the more you go. The depictions of gore in this game could make you flinch and turn away, the only downside is that the voice is not in the localized version, this of course can be downloaded and patched in but not legally, and without the voice acting certain scenes lose there luster.

The final game i shall recommend is School Days the only fully animated VN thats been brought over.

School Days is a basic love triangle story with a rather lackluster story until bout half way in, mind you i have only beaten half of the endings getting all of the bad ones. This game gets the recommendation due to in part from the full animation and other part from the amount of endings, there are over 20 ending to this game and they are all good in there own right. The bad ends are gruesome, and other ends are out of the blue but not entirely unexpected. This game choice system is complex and sometimes overwhelming in trying to figure out how to get to the next ending can be a challenge and not knowing that you can choose nothing and keep going with the story was a frustration until i realized it.

With this i hope if you do want to check out these games that you may give these a try and not just down them down all together do to the bad ones, after all if we were to judge the Batman: Arkham Asylum by the past super hero games then look at what you would be missing out on.

Oh yeah this guy is the funniest character of all time. Thank God for Chousen
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